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Form Check on Deadlift

Okay so I need some help. Over the last few months. I’ve been trying to perfect the 3 main lifts squats I have down bench is pretty much there too. But my deadlift I still feel is off. It’s gotten better but I feel like I lose my back tightness as soon as I start pulling. Along with also feeling pretty weak off the floor. Once I get past mid shin I’m fine. I’ve watched videos from Allen thrall and the barbell medicine team. ( currently running their programs) but some help on a form check from you guys would be great. I focus on keeping the bar midfoot and against my legs. Toes pointed slightly out. And my lats tucked in.
It was 350 for 4 the last rep was cut out.
Here’s the video:

I don’t think your pulls look bad at all. If your back is losing tightness, it isn’t showing in your spine.

If those shoes are squishy or have any kind of a heel, try going to socks, minimalist shoes or a flat, hard-soled shoe like Chuck Taylors. One of my cues for speed off of the floor is to “push the world away” and all that force transfers through my heels. If your foot is sloped forward some of that will naturally shift to your toes.

If the soles are squishy that force transfer gets interrupted too.

If there’s anything you can work on, it is bracing. Most lifters can improve on this, myself included. Better bracing is better barbell lifting on all lifts. Brian Alshrue has the best explanation on it I’ve seen.

this is a pretty silly thing to say. Even without seeing your other lifts, I can guarantee you don’t have them perfect. Just saying. I’m sure they look good, but you will always have room to improve.

I agree with 2Jarz on everything he said. I don’t think your deadlift looks bad, but bracing could be improved. Bracing is not the same thing as tightness. Proper bracing is extremely hard to get right. I’ve been lifting for 15 years, I compete in strongman at an international level, and I don’t always get it right on my lifts. It takes a lot of practice.

The only thing 3slavez didn’t mention that I think MIGHT be an issue is that the bar seems to travel over your toes a little bit. You could try to shift your weight towards your heels and get your shins a little more vertical when you initiate your pull. That’s something I’ve been working on for myself recently.

If your problem is speed off the floor, I’d suggest practicing all your deadlifts from a dead stop. If you’re practicing the way you are on this video regularly, you’re avoiding working through your weak point. Don’t do that. Hammer at your problem. Maybe incorporate deficit deads as well.

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Get the weight back on the ground by shifting your hips back so you don’t need to go around your knees.

Some people can get lbs by tucking their chin, you should give with a try as you’re very extended.

Lower back rounds when you start pulling. Stay stiff.