Form Check on Deadlift

Hi lifters

Could you please check my form? Apolgies for starting the video a bit late but my setup is basically rolling the bar into my shins and then taking the slack out by tension through my glutes and standing up slightly.

What I’ve disected from the footage is that my setup is a too far forward, I need to sit back more and that my hips are popping to early.

Any other advise and how to remedy those would be greatly appreciated.


You need to flatten your back out.
You need to get your heels somewhere close to under your knees, or pull sumo.

These are the first two things I’d fix.

Your shins should be perpendicular tot he floor. So sticking you butt back further would help with that. Flex your triceps also, it helps prevent a bicep tear. Keep you back flat and stay on your heels. Good luck!

Yeah, stance and back. Stance isn’t normal conventional and it’s not sumo. Pull one or the other. And back is pretty rounded so that needs to be addressed.