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Form Check on Deadlift

Does my form look okay on deadlift? I strive to follow Mark Rippetoe’s cues and advice. Thanks!

Is that a Man-Bun-Nubthing?

Well yes it is. Thank you for your input on my deadlift :slight_smile:

I am by no means the world’s foremost authority on deadlifts, so take this with a grain of salt.

It looks like your shins might be coming forward a bit at the bottom… hard to tell, but just judging by knees. You want to try to maintain a 90 degree shin angle to the floor. The big way you’ll be able to tell is where you feel the weight in your feet when you start the pull. If you’re feeling it forward of your mid foot, shin angle is likely out of whack. Also looks like you might be able to start your hip drive a bit earlier. Maybe. Im no expert and that’s just based on what I’ve read and how I try to cue my lift which needs a good bit of improvement. Just thought I’d share a bit.

I think it’s Dave Tate who says to think about pulling the weight back instead of just up if that helps.

Thanks for your input, pookie! I have to look into those things, especially the hip drive. I haven’t thought of that at all. Regarding the shins I think it’s okay the shins go a bit forward at the bottom of the lift. This is what Rippetoe wrote in his article Deconstructing the Deadlift:

“When this position is taken and the knees are dropped forward and out a little, so that the shins touch the bar without moving it and the knees stay parallel to the toes, the shin angle will be perhaps 7 or 8 degrees forward of vertical.”


When watching the video now I think you’re right, pookie. The hip drive is initiated a bit late. The right moment is just when the bar reaches knee level, right?

The further your knees go forward, the more force is being applied in a horizontal vector instead of vertical. You’ll get conflicting statements on it depending on the source. I think I got a 90 degree angle from either Louie Simmons or Dave Tate, but I could be mistaken. Knees coming forward I would think will likely take away from posterior muscles and move more of the lift into the quads.

I really start thinking hips as the bar is just below my knees. Basically when I get to RDL height I try to drive my hips forward and my head back. Once again, I’m no expert in this at all, but I’m just parroting what I’ve read and listened to.

I’m with pookie, I’m no pro so take this with a grain of salt…Drop your butt more the floor.