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Form Check on Deadlift


i have heard from one forum member that my form is not correct. but he/she did not explain why, i would find it very helpful if you could tell me what the problem is, if any with my form.


lower back is rounded
arms arent straight when pull is initiated
hips shoot up instead of in tamden with the upper back
uneven tan
it doesnt look like the bar is pulled against you the whole time

the most obvious things from a cursory glance - did you even research it before you tried it?


thanks for telling me this, i did but its not the same when reading something and the trying it for yourself. and my uneven tan is from working like a slave with a short sleeved top on. uneven tan, COME AT ME BRO! joking. thanks for your input. i'll get straight into getting form corrected.


and like i said in your other thread, get a pair of 20kg plates (full-sized ones) so the bar height is correct


i can't afford it at the moment. i still go to school and don't currently have a job. i'll look around for the measurements of the 20kg plates, then put something underneath both sides. this should fix that.


that will work to. try and do it so the height is adjustable, so you go from rack deadlifts to podium deads. actually a more flexible setup that way


Or get a couple of thick plywood disks cut and drilled to use as bumper plates.


wow, why didn't i think of that! marine ply with a couple of sheets would work too. as for the video, i think that the reason for my back bending a bit was because it was a max effort deadlift, because my max 1 week ago was 150, and i did 145 for 2, so i was stressing a bit and my form was broken down.


Or try a modified sumo-stance its easier to keep your back straight when doing them like that, especially
when you get as low as you do because of your plates.

ps. You are a strong kid and you are in great shape, you are sporting some rock hard abs there bro :wink:


thanks!!! believe it or not, i haven't isolated them in training yet. i see no need. i've tried sumo, but i like the conventional position better.


You might see a need for some direct ab training down the road IF they becomes a weak link in one/some/all of you`r big lifts.



Rack Pulls might make for an easier situation for the time being. A belt may help as well. Get the form down and keep on tuggin!


i've stared making the bumper templates, they should be finished by the time i have my next deadlifting training. i'll keep working on my form,


bumper templates finished, i revised my form, it still needs work i think, can someone point out if my form has something wrong in this one?


Looks light years better than before, but I think you are still dropping your hips too low as you can see them raise before the bar leaves the ground.


thanks, apparently i have my hips moving all over the place! i'll have to focus on that when i try next. i have to try and pull backwards from my heels if that will work.


get hips down true..but youve got lots of potential with this lift...long arms, no belly in the way ....you could pull huge soon.


thanks!! i hope to pull a lot also, i dont want to get as big as Derek Poundstone, i want to have the strongest muscles for their size if that makes sense. like Joe Morrow, with a total of 10x his body weight.


Your second video looked much better. I was going to say about the first one that you are basically doing a deficit so when you get proper plates, you'll be able to pull more. The uneven grass/ground doesn't help either. The soft surface would absorb some of the force of the pull.

I don't necessarily agree with any advice about putting your hips lower. Look at your video and see where they are when you start to initiate your pull. Start with them there. Before you initiate the pull, arch your lower back hard. In the first video, your head was down for a lot of the pull exacerbating rounding of the back. In the second one, your face was up without craning your neck, keeping your back in a much better position.