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Form Check on All 3


I apologize if this isn't the right place for this. I've never powerlifted before, always done athletic training, and never video taped myself so we're all watching this for the first time together. I see quite a few errors but go ahead and tear it up. All tips/critiques welcome!




I realize my deads look like RDLs now. Any tips on keeping the hips down much appreciated.


wow, thank god youre a girl...i thought you were a guy at first (some guys DO have ponytails) anyway

try pulling more with your traps on your DL

think of your arms like hooks and you want to get in the arch and then just lift your back backwards and up at the same time as youre pushing with your legs.


ON your squat, push your elbows down and forward. That is something I consistently struggle with myself. When I get it right, I come out of the hole much more easily.

You're built quite a bit like I am. Kind of long and lean. I'm good at deadlifting in that I can move a lot of weight but you will likely have the same issues as I do. My hips come up fast because my legs are so long and it appears even more exaggerated. My tendency is to pull like you did in your video. Try pulling back instead of up. Lift your big toes to stay on the back of your feet. Like Live said pull back and push your hips through. Good luck. I work on this every time I pull.


i actually got that same "big toe up" advice yesterday.

i didnt use it though because it was the fist time i did real box squats and i was getting so many instructions im like uhhhh brain overload lol


Get set up on the DL before you pull. Someone standing in front of you should be able to read what's on the front of yout T-shirt. CHEST UP. Hips down. You're still looking at the floor. Look straight ahead.



As was said already on the squats - get your elbows forward.

Deadlift - head and chest up. It'll help keep your hips down and prevent you dipping forward at the start.

Everything else was pretty tight.


the form on the squat and bench lokked good to me..good job..for the deadlift head up and have the bar over the middle of your feet and have shins touching the bar..weight on the heels contract glutes and fire them forward,,


On the bench, I'd try for a bit more of an arch, and keep your elbows in more. Looks pretty decent though.

Squat, I'd say try to arch your back more. Looks like your lower back rounds a bit on the way back up. Try stay as tight as possible on all three lifts - it really helps, I promise!


I couldn't tell from the video by if you're wrapping your thumbs around the bar on the squat, try not doing it.

I was told to stop doing this when I began squatting and it made keeping my elbows under the bar a lot easier.


I was doing this. When I moved the bar lower I had to take my thumbs out - no choice.


It's the same with the squat. Lead with you shoulders. Shoulders move up first before the hips... If you exaggerate this you will start hitching when you reach the top... Once you find a good balance, GREAT!!

I find that leading with my shoulders whenever I'm deadlifting keeps me from stiff leg deadlifting the weight up... And congratulations. You're one of the few women who actually does the big three.


Oh really? Come visit Powerful Women. We all do the big three.

On second thought, please don't. I read enough of your blabbering over here and if you started doing it in our logs there'd probably be a mass murder.


Why so mad, court?
In the average gym you don't see many women deadlifting.


Yeah but the "powerful women" are hardcore, and want everyone to know it!!


A little to hardcore in the mouthing, I think.


Meh, to be honest I probably over reacted. But still, it came across as a patronizing "Wow look at you. You're such a good girl, you do all three big lifts". The 'average' gym girl is a cardio bunny and wouldn't dare do the big three out of fear of waking up tomorrow and having to shave their beard. However, I've found that the women in particular on T-N aren't anything close to the average gym girl. Hence, I found that statement patronizing.

Again, over-reacting and stressing out before my meet so I'm taking it out on anyone and everyone. I'm calmer now and will be back to my normal cheery happy self in 14 days.


You're stressing 14 days out...?? Jeez... calm down. Seriously, it'll sap your strength.


It's all well and good for those of you who are professional power lifters :slightly_smiling:


It's the way I roll. I stressed most of last week. This week I should be fine. The week prior to, I'm calm as can be.