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Form Check My Deadlift

I would appreciate to get any advice on how to make it better if its wrong.

lower back is rounding excessively. upper back rounding is fine, but the lower back can be a problem.

How would you advice to fix it? Im bracing already. Someone mentioned taking the slack out of the bar in other forum and I’m not doing that, could it be the cause?

And also, do you think its rounding in every rep?

there’s no real slack in the bar, there’s not enough weight on the bar for it to bend much, if at all. I didn’t pay close attention to every rep, but you probably did it on each rep.

Have you tried to address this issue before and still had problems? My instinct is to tell you that you’re just not maintaining tightness, even though you’re ‘bracing’. I honestly think you don’t actually know how to do this correctly. How tight do you wear your belt?

I tried to adress it before but i dont seem to be able, when I pull sumo its much easier for me to get into position, my belt is pretty tight, one hole before the max i can get it to be.

then your belt is probably too tight. you need to expand your belly into your belt, rather than belting down almost as tight as you can. That’s how you create proper bracing. When my belt is on, i can put my entire hand between my belt and my stomach before I brace. Then, I expand my abdomen, fill up with air, and the belt feels tight. Practice this with just your belt on, without lifting anything to get the feel for it.

If you still can’t fix the issue, you can either just deadlift sumo, or figure out other ways to develop your lower back. if powerlifting is not something you compete in, you really don’t HAVE to deadlift. If all you care about is aesthetics, deadlifts aren’t essential either.


I care a lot about my big 3 and im planning to compete on the “near” future, aesthetics are a secondary interest for me, and i will definitely try that with the belt, im using it really tight, do you think that widening my stance would help? I have pretty long arms and really long legs with a short torso.

Your leverages almost seem better to pull sumo. For me I like to get my hips low and use quads to get the bar moving after slack has been pulled out as flipcollar stated above. I would say get a video closer in weight to your one rep max but your rounding your back on what appears to be something relatively easy for you. The more upright you can get your spine at the starting position, the less shear loading your placing on your spine.

Edit** really once youve gripped the bar and set/pulled the slack you should be as tight as possible (as in someone should be able to come up and push on any part of your body and it be pretty hard to move)

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What are your thoughts on semi sumo? (squat stance sumo)

Ive tried a couple times before, cant really dig it too much. Ive got mobility issues with my adductors being tight. My leverages are best suited for conventional pulling (long arms, short torso). I would say experiment it see if it feels comfortable to you. Also theres tons of resources on this forum as this has been covered many times. Same with youtube. Just google and watch some videos. Juggernaut has their pillar series which is pretty good. I believe they just started up with the deadlift series.

I was going by your thread from November. Guess you’ve changed directions since then.

I think that you should try a lot of things and figure out what works best for you. I like my feet to be about shoulder width. Some like wider, some like narrower. But your arms and legs are not that long, at least judging by the video. I think your self-image may not accurately reflect reality.

you can also try semi sumo. it may be a good fit for you.

I measured my limbs and used the percentage chart and those were the results, above average legs and arms and below average torso, yeah, ill try widening my stance and loosening the belt.

@flipcollar @kckfl349 I pulled this today, do you guys think its better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUhIkCqLBeM

Dafuq is up with ur knees locking out

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I dont know lol

Looks a little better, it appears your back is flat but your hips are so high it really appears like a stiff leg deadlift. How much weight is on the bar?

Check this video out, Chris Duffin explains pretty well the setup and some cues that may help you out

It looks like you are yanking the bar off of the ground–you want to build tension instead. Chris duffin talks about “wedging” yourself into the bar and I have found that cue helps me a ton. Chris is just overall a beast at deadlifts definitely check out his vids like the one above

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