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Form Check My Deadlift

Hey guys just wondering if you could check out my form and give me any advice or tips for improving. In the video I’m doing 365 which is getting pretty close to my max.

Looks pretty good to me I wouldnt change much, other than your head position but thats not huge. Try lifting with your head inline with your spine instead of craning it skywards.

Don’t know if you are going to compete, but some organizations (USAPL for example) could take offense to that secondary knee bend thing you do. I know that I would have red lighted you if I were a side judge. But I was very strict.

You don’t need to do that, a good habit to break now. Not terribly graphic here, but if the weight gets really heavy, you might be one of those guys who ends up deadlifting like a crossfitter, i.e. shelving and hitching. Get it out of your head now. You are obviously powerful enough to complete the lift without that extra move.

Get rid of that head back thing, you’re going to hurt yourself. Take this from someone who ruptured a cervical disc by looking up during a row.

Nice work, keep pulling.

BTW, the support from the belt is really at the front, acts like super transverse abdominus muscles which is why power belts are 4" all the way around. That 6" thing behind, 2" in front doesn’t do much of anything here for you. Put one on your birthday list.

Again, nice pull.