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Form Check Low Bar Squat


Hey there, new on here so don’t know if this is the right place to post this. Would love some pointers from you guys, I am a beginner and this is my first time doing lowbar squats, have primarily been doing frontsquats before that. This is only 60 kg/135 pounds which is quite light for me. Any tips are welcome, thank you!


Are you meaning to squat like how Mark Rippetoe teaches it in Starting Strength? I’d have some critique otherwise, but if that’s your goal, I think you’ve met it.


I have used that for form help because it was an available source of information, if you have any other suggestions, please do tell me, I’d just appreciate it.


When I squat, I prefer to have my elbows forward as far as I can get them. This allows me to pull the bar down into my back/flare my lats, and it also keeps the bar from rolling forward when coming out of the hole. Going along with that, I prefer to keep my eyes forward/chin up rather than down, as traditionally the body will follow the head, and a head titled downward can result in a body that falls forward coming out of the hole.

I would also consider bringing the feet in a touch personally. There is nothing wrong with a wide stance, but for a raw lifter (and wearing lifting shoes) one can have an easier time getting lower with a narrower stance and a focus on squatting between the knees rather than over them, and this might allow a slightly more upright torso angle.

But it’s all preference. How you’re squatting isn’t wrong, as long as it’s meeting your goals.


That’s some good points, I’ll experiment a bit, thank you.


I made some adjustments, what do you guys think? Light weight like before just to practice the technique.
The camera angle is a bit decieveing in regards to barpath but oh well, I’d love to hear your opinions.