Form Check: High Bar/Olympic Squat

Hey guys, my first post here!

I would like some help with my back squat, here’s the video:

I’ve been training for a while (sadly), always had a bunch of setbacks so I haven’t really gotten past the beginner stage yet (lots of those setbacks were my own fault (diet!)). I am now coming back to training after being out for about 2,5 months because of a bitch of a shoulder injury (which I got from playing paddle (some kind of tennis) a few times). After being out for so long I decided to start all over again at really low weights for everything. I’m on a version of Greyskull LP. The set in the video is 65kg (145lb) (like I said, LOW weights…). I just started this week (squatting 3x a week for the first few weeks).

There are a few reasons why I chose to do high bar squat, the main one being that low bar just never quite clicked with me. I managed some weight with low bar, but I was using more hips than anything else. Another reason is that I would like to get more into weightlifting. Finally, high bar feels much more natural to me.

Still I’m not quite sure how exactly the HB squat should be executed. I’ve found that the internet provides loads of information on the LB squat, but almost nothing on the HB squat. The descriptions i did find are very contradictory. Therefore, I would also like to ask the HB squatters/olympic lifters on this forum some tips on how to HB squat: do you bend at the knees first, or the hips? Do you pay attention to using hip drive? or do the quads initiate out of the bottom? Hips back or hips straight down? etc…

I hope you guys can help me, i’d really appreciate it! (sorry for the long post…)

I am watching this on my phone so may not get as great a look, but the big thing I see is that you’re coming forward out of the hole. This is generated by your bounce.

You see a lot of people in crossfit do this as well, and it really limits their strength development out of the hole. What one does if catching a clean in a competition, or in very controlled inatances trying to eek out another max PR is not the same as what one should do the majority of the time in training.

Go down a little slower (not slow, I am not a person that believes in very slow negatives for general training, but you need to be in control of the weight not the other way around). Regardless of descent speed however, pause in the hole for 3 solid seconds. Then when you cpme out of the hole fight the temptation to tip forward.

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I only have one thing to comment on.

Work on your walk-out. Set up and go. Take no more than three steps back, set your position, get tight and squat.

I noticed that as well, you can see my knees going forward and the bar path moving forward as well. I do often have the feeling that i’m loosing all strength in the bottom and i never really feel that ‘stretch reflex’ you always hear about, or maybe i do have it but i’m not realising it…What exactly causes the going forward you think? is it because i don’t stay on my heels enough? or am i doing something wrong with my hips?


I think you could also bring your elbows back an bit more - the cue i think of is to try to touch my elbows togther
behind my back. obviously your not going to be able to actually do that, but it’ll keep your upper back nice
and tight.

that three step thing takes some getting used to… but I agree.

OP, your squat looks good. Someone else said to slow it down and to not bounce. I’d take heed on that advice and focus on control, especially because you’re getting started. But yea, your spine and feet placement look good.