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Form Check for Snatch and Clean/Jerk

Hey guys,
I’m pretty new to olympic lifting and I just wanted someone tips and advice to help my form. I only been snatching for about 2 months (1 month with just the bar, just starting to add weight now). Iv been cleaning for a little bit longer than that but I would really appreciate some help with form as I havent had anyone teach me in person. Iv only been watching instructional videos.



I’m no expert but the first thing I noticed on your clean is that you’re hitting your legs very low. When you do this, the bar floats out in front of you instead of up against your body. That’s why when you catch in the bottom squat position, you roll up on your toes instead of sitting back on your heels. You need to finish the pull before you drop under the bar and make sure you are really extending and popping those hips all the way. I would try a few clean pulls before you do the lift. The same thing goes for your snatch- although you are hitting your hips very well. Maybe keep your shoulders a bit farther over the bar for more leverage too.

Other than that, it looks great especially considering you’ve only been doing them for a few months. I would like to see some more weight on there. You catch your “PR” snatch in a quarter squat position and then drop down with the bar. It looks like you can handle much more weight than you’re using.

I can’t really stress enough the importance of a good coach. Check out Gary Valentine of Team CT, and see if he is close enough to you that you can train with him. It will really accelerate your Olympic lifts. You haven’t been lifting long so obviously there is a LOT wrong with them, but I’ll try to touch on the major points.


  1. Use a static start (still tight position) not a dynamic start (Pumping the hips, up and down, etc…)
  2. Lead with the shoulders more as you pull.
  3. DO NOT stop the bar. You can see you get the bar mid thigh than you kind of stop the bar to try to crank it up over head.
  4. As you stand up focus on keeping the knees out and pushing them “back” as you extend the knee. As you pass the knee squeeze the lats and sweep the bar into towards you and then drive the hips upward.


  1. Same thing regarding the start position in the snatch.
  2. Also chest up more in the pull.
  3. Don’t wait so long before the jerk
  4. Stay on the heels more in the dip, and drive the knees out, not forward.
  5. Your back foot should be on the ball of your foot with your toes pointing in towards your lead foot, if not at least straight ahead, but definitely not turned out to the side. That usually means that the width between your front and back foot is too narrow. The split isn’t like a scissor, the feet should also move out to the side slightly.

Yea I notice that I tend to hit my hips really low, im just afraid im gunna smash the tip of dick haha. Thanks for the advice though, I appreciate it.