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Form Check for Pull-Ups

Hi y’all,

I’ve heard different things about pull-up form, but mainly I’ve heard that mine isn’t so good lol. Here’s a video of me doing 26 (probably getting progressively worse as time goes by!). Just tell me where things start to go astray (even if it’s the first one, lol:

Thank you!


You didn’t attach the video. The best way to go about sharing video content is to upload it to YouTube and share the link

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Not seeing it. Dare I say… there was a messup.

The easiest way to out up a vid is to just post the Youtube URL, no embed code needed.

My apologies guys!! I uploaded it to YouTube but in all the excitement of joining a new forum I forgot to actually link to it🙄. You all will learn why I’ve been using Messup as my username for the last several years soon enough lol.

Thank you for your patience, and I’ve edited the post above!

Wider grip, don’t jerk yourself up and don’t come to a dead hang at the bottom. Keep some tension in you lats at the bottom and start the pull with the lats. Don’t wave your legs around, try to keep them under control.

for “good” form this is way too much kipping / swinging with the body
would place hands further appart and try to keep legs straight whilst bracing abs. go slower on the way down to keep control.

As has been mentioned, you kip a little bit too much, but I’d also say you’re dropping down a bit too quickly. As a whole, just aim to be more controlled throughout the whole movement.

Wow, this is like the biggest response I’ve had! Thank you for the opinions.

So less kipping, slower movement, wider grip. Admiteddly, this is like 18 months old, but i hadn’t filmed much of my pull-up stuff recently so I went with it. I’ll try to film myself this week and follow your advice and see what happens. I now have a bar that is equally grippy throughout, which is good, although unfortunately it is even lower to the ground and more slippery than the old grips I had :confused:

Do you think being so close to the ground (therefore having to start with my legs bent) could be one source of the kipping issue? Be honest, I’m not trying to excuse it obv., but maybe that is part of the reason I drive my legs so much? Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Personally, I find it unlikely. I actually like to starts my pull-up with my legs bent in a slightly more flexed position, but I know others prefer to perform pull-ups with legs extended and an overall more arched position

Why are you doing them? To build muscle/strength? or just to get your chin above the bar as many times as possible?

Not saying mine are perfect but to give you a comparison…

This is the most recent set that I have filmed, +25kg (55lb).


Yeah yeah, yeah. We know yours are perfect. Show off :grin:


Perfect for putting tension on the lats. Not perfect for getting my chin above the bar 20+ times :joy:

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I feel you need to try and have a slower lower that will help a lot in the longer run and try and do a wider grip and also I would minimise the swinging