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Form Check Decimation


I am bit tired and still a bit sore . But I lowered the weight and did some snatch pulls to sternum . I might try and post a slowed down version too. It’s 130kg .


Not trying to be a dick or anything but I highly doubt that’s your snatch grip. You’re still deadlifting it up for the most part. Take note how most snatches start with their chest up high and head up, looking forward.

You really. really. need to drop the weights and focus on the movement. As for strength, you’re not lacking in the strength department as of right now, not at all. You’re lacking in technique, finesse and mobility.

To reiterate my previous point from your previous form check post…

Finally, maybe I’m being overly critical but you’ve got quite an ego on you. I get it, no one likes lifting light ass weight. Who the heck would want to practice the snatch on a bar with practice bumpers when they can probably one arm press the exact same weight. It’s part of the learning curve mate. If you keep this up, I dare say you’ll make little to no progress on the actual classical lifts.

Oh and you can just make a post called Form Check - decimation, it would be easier for us.


Thanks Ben, It is my snatch grip. I have been told to go wider but an Olympic Lifter I met at the gym once.He was travelling. It feels awkward when I take it out wider. If anything it allows for a bit more height as get the bar at the hip bone more regularly . It also kills my wrists as they are internally rotated badly.
I don’t have much of an ego honest. I am quite a calm lifter. I know I am quite far down in the scheme of things. I am also too old to compete outside of Masters.


You might want to have a look at this.

As far as I can tell, you’re lacking hip contact in the video you posted. Like your grip seems narrow to the point of hip contact being next to impossible unless you bend your arms and shrug up really hard. Even then, it’s a little tricky cause I haven’t seen too many people catch snatches with such a narrow grip. I would’ve figured that to be your clean grip to be honest.


Thanks . My clean grip is fairly similar . That is something I am trying to work on with the theracane and lacrosse ball. I can certainly try it next time. Might give it a go tomorrow with some lighter weights.Watched the video quite instructional thanks.


That is a very close snatch grip , you need to reset and set up after reps,shoulder behind bar take time before rep.
If grip is problem break out straps.
Olympic lifting is not crossfit .
You are very thick work on snatch grip squats to improve flexibility


Listen man:

Clean pulls/snatch pulls DO NOT START WITH MORE THAN 60kg

Only use 60kg until you are very smooth.

  1. You need to bring the weight ALL the way down to the floor after rep.
  2. Snatch pulls your “contact” point should be at the hip crease.
  3. Clean Pulls your “contact” point should be mid thigh.
  4. You are hopping back. STOP doing that.

Do a clean/snatch pull where your feet don’t move off the ground. This will teach you to keep the bar close and actually explode instead of shrugging up like you are.

WATCH this video. Keep watching it until your form looks like this and take these ques:


You need to go wider. I personally don’t think you should be doing these type of pulls if you lack the mobility needed. I would honestly do hang power snatches. Trust me snatches felt SUPER awkward when I first started doing them. But after only snatching the BAR (20kg) for 1 whole month I had the mobility needed to start adding weight slowly.

But what is your goal? Are you just trying to learn this for fun? What is the purpose of you snatching, clean & jerking or doing these type of pulls?


Thanks I tried 30kg today with a wide grip and it felt OK. My self-myofascial massage has been working as can finally after some warming up hold the bar inside the collars for squatting .

I would probably like to get a big clean and drop a lot of weight. Hopefully I can keep some strength.
I found the Olympics very motivating and awe-inspiring . Maybe one day I could compete as a Master’s lifter. But I feel I still need to get another 15kg out of this clean pull movement .215/216 The clean and jerk is the world record at 77kg . I am sure they can probably clean a lot more than that, as they are tremendously great squatters. I can contemplate getting double weight in the clean as I lose a lot of weight. But I cannot begin to imagine putting the same weight overhead. I would love one day to simply clean that amount of weight even it takes me years and years or probably never.


I would tell you this man as an inspired guy myself. Do LOTS of Front Squats and Back Squats. This will give you the strength and probably 80% of the positional strength needed to clean big. Drop the clean pulls. Do real cleans. Diet and cardio and lifting together will help you with dropping weight. The key is to keep lifting heavy, but you don’t need to go crazy heavy every session.

I would say have a long term goal and a short term goal.

Make your first goal to properly clean 60kg. Then 70kg. And a few years from now, who knows maybe you can get over 200kg in a clean. If ALL you want to do is clean big. Then start cleaning 2-3x a week. Don’t do clean pulls, don’t do snatches, don’t do jerks.

Front Squat strength will carry over to a big clean. General rule of thumb is if you can FS it for 3 good reps, you have the strength needed to clean it.

I would go to a weightlifting club as well to learn the technique. While we can tell you things on the forum, when it comes to the Oly lifts, nothing like having a coach. Even if it’s once every 2 weeks it’ll make a difference.


Apparently Vardian has the real record at 225kg for a clean and jerk . Could his deadlift be as low 265kg .

around 0.85 of deadlift would be 225kg ?



Thanks Chris uses 83% of his theoretical powerlifting deadlift. It means the Chinese lifters are capable of over 700lb deadlifts in the welterweight and middleweights. 330kg if he has 275kg squat (it’s for reps I know so probably more ). They can clean a lot more than the record.

I should have a 197kg squat to parallel which I am sure I don’t . I did have 230kg at one point with top squat.
It certainly food for thought and a good guide.


Just fails to 230kg at 82,5kg