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Form Check Deadlifts


I would like to know if these deads are alright or not.

I've been trying to make my back as flat as possible for couple months now.


By the time you break the floor your legs are almost locked turning it into a stiff leg deadlift


It's still pretty rough. It's not the worst I've seen, but far from good.

There was a similar thread I made some remarks in not that long ago and I think the same advice will help you.


I'll watch your thread Fletch! But can you give me any extra advice?


How do I fix this? I'm using mark rip deadlift start up and every lifter I see does this more or less.


Get tighter or switch stances. My back used round and I wouldnt use my legs enough on conventional. Since switching to sumo I feel like everything is tighter off the floor.


I'm more of a functional guy so switching to sumo is less optimal for me. I'll try to tuck in my arms which I never did before and see how this goes. But I've a feeling doing this won't be enough yet to get respectable form.

Tomorrow is my Speed/Technique day so I'll post something tomorrow. But I think the weight is too light to actually mimic the issues you see in this video. But we will see tomorrow!


Tuck in your arms . . . ?


Yeah like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuV_ZMZU9qc


What I'm saying is that I think your lifting technique needs just about a total overhaul and the steps to do that are in that thread.

There really isn't any one particular thing that's holding you back. It makes more sense just to start from scratch. I'm not trying to be mean and put you down, I just think it would be the fastest and most effective way to get your form to be the strongest and safest.

Your basically straight leg deadlifting it with a rounded back.

Are you able to maintain form with easier sets? It would be good to see to be able to tell if your body knows what good form is.


Yes with light weight my form is a lot better. And I know you aren't trying to put me down haha. I can see by myself that my form need some improvement.

I captured my light deadlift session ( 5x3) today and tried to do all the steps. It gets better every set in my opinion so watch all the sets please.
But I think the weight is too light to really see how much this is paying off and critique is welcome:


7 cues for lat tighteness

jerron kerridge on cues for tight lats. Exceptionally good.

and Candito turning elbows in - Using Lats During Deadlift

The pvc pipe practise looks good.

My heaviest successful pull so far 230kg felt easy by managing to get tight. 240kg is where the slack seemed on issue for me. I didn't realise you need to do this before initiating the pull.



After seeing the light work, things aren't as bad as I thought.

So now, I think it's just a matter of getting your legs stronger and perhaps more importantly, setting the lats and taking the slack out of the bar. That way, your back is rigid and you don't lose your position as you initiate the pull.


I think the angle where I usually capture my form like the first video somtimes exaggerate things since I've some footage of me doing my heavier pulls ( which I just looked at ) at the same angle as the second video I posted and it looks better there but still not top notch.

My leg stength might be an issue as you prescribe since my squat and deadlift is around 110-125 lbs apart. But the gap is getting closer tho since I started doing front squats 7 months ago.

I did the lat cue from Candito but you don't see it well. I acutally did try to bend my elbows every rep.

I also tried to take the slack out of the bar but I think I failed a little bit there haha. I moved the bar a couple times with my chins and still need to learn how to do this properly.

My heavy deadlift session is this Saturday. So the bigger problems will probably occur then again.


I would lighten the load. Don't go by your actual max, but work off a technical max. A technical max is the most weight you can use with good form. That may very well be way under your true max, but I think it'll pay off in the long term.

The whole 1 step back, 2 steps forward thing.

Once you've learned how to keep your back ultra rigid and have your leg strength up to par, you can start training it normal again.

Be patient. This process could take several to many months to iron out. It might not take that long, just don't be surprised if it does.


I also forgot to tell you that when I do my deads I already did my squats. So my quads are already fatigued. This might also be a contributor combined with the ratio between my dead and squat but i'm not sure.


Haha, that very well might be it.

There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but I think it's best to make technique overhauls in a non-fatigued state.


I could try that but I will see first how my next workout will look like from a different angle combined with the lat cue and as well trying to take the slack out of the bar. I reset my weight a month ago so it's not considered heavy. But if this still doesn't look well this Saturday I might start using a TM.


Yeah it's a modified Texas Method program. I don't think I will be able to do my squats properly if I would give my deads a specific day and I made very good gains already on this program so I rahter leave the program as it is.