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Form Check Deadlift



Heres the vid,not completely straight but id say in the neutral range.
I never did beltless rounded back,but my 1rm rounded back was 530lbs.


That looks OK. Maybe not totally neutral but no crazy rounding like before, if you can pull like that and you back feels fine then probably you don’t have much to worry about. Based on that, you could probably pull over 500 with the same technique and a belt.


I might attempt either 465x2 beltless deficit or 490x2 same way on tuesday. Ill see based on my warm ups and if my form breaks down or not. It still feels like my body is still adjusting to the form.


Btw its a deficit because the 45s in this gym are smaller in dm than calibrated 45s.


When you talk about form breakdown, what’s the first thing to go? Back rounding?


Pretty much,and hip rise


I probably already said this a few times, but work on your back and glutes and learn to stay tight.

Anyway, post some more videos and we will see how things go. How is your squat these days?


My squat is very dependant upon how frequently i work on it and i took a break from powerlifting for a month or two and just started squatting and deadlift again a few weeks ago. Squat is going good,its going fast up. Did 315 x2 beltless,which is good for me. In a few monthes it should go to 405 if i keep up the training. Wierdly enough front squatting didnt really help my back squat,since thats what i did a lot while not doing powerlifting.


Did you train with the Olympic team?


That seems to be the case for a lot of people. Unless you can front squat somewhat close to what you back squat and your technique is solid, it seems like a waste of time for a lot of people. Better to do high bar or SSB squats instead.


Yes,still am. Aside from the equipment,major dissapointment. Idk what i expected from a very small and new nation


Aww man, that’s too bad. Its still cool you’re helping your country though.

What do those guys say about the way you lift and pull from the ground? Or like your back position?

I saw you mention the bar contacting your thighs a lot during cleans. To me this means your lifting the bar around your knees too much. Did those dudes try to clean up your motions?


They say im too tight in the back,especially in the beginning,but now its getting a bit better. They tell me to stay more upright in the bottom position which i dont fully agree because its quite an exegerated uprightness. Their program is pretty bad,it was made by a turkish coach who obviosly didnt give a shit for people that dont know any better. Their form checks are mostly good,but the way they program and compete(literally every single month,no macrocycles) is very bad unfortunately. But im still getting them noob linear gainz so that doesnt affect me much yet. Hopefully i can change the mindset there a bit.


Would you call it " Bulgarian" style?


Similar,but shittier


Are you training for weightlifting?


Yes,but it isnt anything heavy enough yet to interfere with my powerlifting training.


I would be more concerned about volume than intensity, a couple heavy lifts won’t do too much but enough volume even with light weights will wear you out. The main thing is that you are recovering. Ideally it would be better to pick one sport and focus on that, but you are young and have a long way to go. If you have a lot of potential in WL then maybe that would be the better choice, if you can get on the Olympic team and they support you financially that is better than anything you can get in PL right now.