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Form Check Deadlift



you partially stiff legged it


The front angle GIF popped up when I clicked into this thread and I’m seeing you lock, unlock and re-lock your knees on the way up. Is this typical or all your reps?


Most of them when i do round back i think.


Isnt that just where my hips naturally wanna be?


My hips naturally want to be as high as possible. This is also a good way for me not to lift as much weight as I could because my quads do a better job at breaking the floor for me.

Other things that my body naturally wants to get in shit positions for include bench press, squats and… well, basically anything that isn’t jumping, pullups and push ups haha



Form update 28/8/2018:
*sigh tried straight back again just because i dont wanna be a hypocrite who doesnt listen to everyone. This felt…weak. This is 405. Now i was sick recently and havent been training good but still. With my rounded back technique i almost pulled 500…on a deficit! … with bands! Well anyways,ill see if i can perfect this form and get it as strong as my rounded back. Any help with what you think what my weakpoints are in this form and how i should train them is appreciated.
Bodyweight 168lbs and bulking.


You need to get tighter before you start to pull. Also RDLs will probably help.


you’ve gotta shift your weight backwards towards your heels, rather than trying to pull straight up. Your shoulders are floating out in front of the bar just a bit once you get the bar maybe 6" off the ground. Watch the video a few times and I think you’ll see what I mean.

I also think your upper back is weak, as Mark mentioned. I’d start doing a lot of face pulls if you aren’t already.

You’re feeling weak with this technique because you’re not good at it, and you need practice. Your round back will work until it doesn’t, and then you’re going to be stuck indefinitely. Likely in the mid 500’s. If you want a truly great deadlift, you’re going to have to stop with the round back shit.

Just keep working at it man, I think eventually this will click for you, you just need to be patient.


Yeah even during the sets i was noticing something was off about my positioning towards the bar. At first i thought it was the bar not being on mid food,but now that you mention it my shoulder position is wrong. Is barbell rowing a good way to strenghen my upper back? Ive seen a lot of people recommend it for deadlifts.


Yeah, the new straight back looks good, but the timing looks a little off/torso too far forward?

My deadlifts kinda poverty, so I don’t have much input here.

This video (posted above) really helped for me:

My issue was arching the upper back too much and starting off with a rounded back but with set lats helped. If your back already rounds, just set the lats.

What do you do for back?


Barbell rows are good, but if you have issues with your upper back rounding on deadlifts or squats then the first thing I would suggest is SSB squats for higher reps (5-10). If you don’t have an SSB then front squats are another option, they are just hard to get used to.


My front is actually really strong compared to my low bar squat. I front squatted 315 while my max low bar is 390lbs. Something in my upper back is very strong,and something else is very weak,i just have to figure which is which.


Another thing, its hard to tell because you are wearing long pants but it looks like your knees are not locked at the top. Squeezing your glutes, focusing on locking your knees, and not leaning back more than necessary should help with that.


The thing is that front squats aren’t so much limited by upper back when you do heavy singles or low rep sets, you have to do higher reps to build your upper back. That is why Dan Green does them the way he does.


Hmm makes sense,ill find a way to incorporate them. Thanks.


There is an exercise that some people call upper back good mornings (I think there is another name for it), that would be the most direct approach. Just keep the reps high and strict and don’t worry about putting a lot of weight on the bar because you won’t be able to do it properly.


https://youtu.be/XtfwdO-NCb4 is it this one?


yea, I think barbell rows are good for a lot of things. Certainly can’t hurt. There are lots of ways to address the problem. High pulls are another way. My upper back has become tremendously strong between all my axle and log cleaning, high pulls, heavy front carries, etc. So for me, barbell rows aren’t necessary because I’m doing all that other stuff. DB rows are great too, and easier to balance. I can go heavier on db rows because I’m not worried about falling over, lol. I can row 160 lbs dbs for sets of 10, but I would have trouble rowing 315 with a barbell for that many reps.


You need to start closer to the bar. Look at the flooring and the bar at the beginning, I know there’s parallax here but the bar looks about 1/3 of the way down your foot instead of over the centre.

This is probably what’s causing you to tip forward that the beginning. Your lats do manage to bring the bar back pretty quickly so that is good.

Anway, you have a similar body type to me, with long legs. I used to do a high hip deadlift but that really trashed my back so I get my hips lower and it really helps - I’m not talking about a squat but perhaps to a quarter squat. You would probably benefit from sumo as well.