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Form Check - Deadlift


Heys guys,

This is my first post, i have been looking at post on this forum and others for a long time, i decided to try and get some help from here, the guys here seem like they know their shit.

I have been training now for 22 weeks, i have been on a calorie deficit for most of this time, and have dropped 20kgs (44lbs) while increasing my lifts along the way.
Needless to say i was quite fat and i still have more to lose.

I have taken a video of my dead-lift and pendley row and would like some advice on form.

Here they are


side view

front view


side view

front view

Any constructive advice would be appreciated


Looking strong for under 6 months in.

Dont use straps - use chalk if your grip needs it

Dont bounce reps off the floor, do them dead stop. Particularly if your weakness is off the floor.

Find a way to train without elevating the plates on mats even if it's 1 inch elevation it's not a standard deadlift.

Get a video with a more challenging weight so people on this forum can really comment on your technique. A 1-5rm dead stopped from the floor would show where you need work.


Thank you for your reply.
I will make another video where im lifting a much harder lift, i'll make it next time i do deadlifts.
I know what you mean about the bouncing, the first pull is always the hardest, ill drop back my working weight a little and reset each rep.
I'll grab a mat to stand on, because i'm doing this in my own house at this point and the floors are wood i really need the mats to stop dmg.
Chalk maybe hard, as it could make a bit of mess in side, ill lift with out straps until i cant grip anymore then use the straps for the last few sets, instead of using them from set one.
Competing isn't in my current list of goals, i asked for advice in the power lifting section because power lifters know what a dead lift is supposed to be. I don't want to destroy my back :D.

After i hit my weight lose goals i will be joining the local gym as a reward. Its a gym where i can lift properly, rubber floors, plenty of racks rubber coated plates etc.