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Form Check Bench

Hello guys. I would appreciate any advice to improve my poverty bench. It is an exercise that always cost me a lot. It took me almost two years to go from 80kg to 100k.And that improvement was due to the increase of 12kg in body weight, from 72kg to 84kg.
Comparing with my other basics it is very trash, Sq 200kg and 230gk of Dl. And about periodization I almost always kept an f3, maybe an f4 would help me. Thanks!

This was in my previous tapering, f3.

this was from yesterday, f2

Your form looks fine, what’s your programming look like and what changes have you made over the past 6 months?


Thanks. As far as programming is concerned, the previous block was oriented to compete in Dec, I was doing f3 on the bench and starting it as the first exercise not squat.
The weekly routine looked something like this:

(5weeks out)
bench (comp) 1x1 90% 4x4 83%
OH 4x6 8rpe
db floor press 4x10

cg tng bench 4x5 77%
5x5 inclined bench tng 5x5 80%
tricep ext 4x15

day4 paus bench (2sc) 5x4 83%
feetup tng 4x7 73%
one hand db inc pres 4x10

ohp 4x4 83%
flyes front + lat 4x10

All accompanied with back work, pendlays, face pull, pull ups. During this block it was when my bench felt the fastest.

And since January I have been accumulating volume, with a frequency 2 (torso, legs, back, torso, legs) with 8 exercises per day.
As for me, I think the programming part is good, I always have accessory work.


Your competition bench press technique looks pretty sharp.

When you’re just “training” do you always use such a wide grip, big arch, big leg drive and short ROM? Like is every rep contest style? Or is this just a snap shot of training 5 weeks out?

Sometimes it can be hard to really train your muscles for gains when you’re practicing really strict “contest technique” and low reps all the time. Some coaches talk about using a narrower grip and slightly less arch in the “off season” or away from contests order to work the benching muscles harder.

Also dude, your grip is very very wide on the bench press. Do you always grip that wide? Some modern lifters/coaches talk about benching with your hands close enough that your forearms are verticals at the bottom of the bench press. Or with elbows stacked right under the wrists. Or bench press with the same hand position you’d use for push ups. Now you don’t want to tear down your whole bench a month before a contest, but if you’re going no-where, you might think about it in the future.

Your home gym setup is really cool.


Form is solid enough, just keep building muscle and getting stronger, bigger pecs, lats, and triceps.


I have noticed that some the “bros” seem to have a good strategy (probably unintentionally) in regards to bench. They do quite a lot of it (volume), with fairly high intensity, and sometimes they do this a few times a week (frequency).

I kinda semi went “bro” on the bench (good technique of course), and I have made gains since doing so. I have been benching twice a week, 3 exercises (one incline) per session, and 3-5 sets of varying intensity. I have been trying to push the effort hard. Gains have been made.


Are you doing your own programming?

Thanks. No no like you say this is just a shot of 5 weeks out.
In the “off season” i have prescribed one day of narrow grip.
And about the elbows staked below the wrist is something that I always wanted to incorporate but it never worked, after all my elbows always end up ahead of the bar, “overtucked”. I don’t know if it’s a tricep dominance issue.

hahaha thanks, it was very useful to me during the hard quarantine

thank you, especially the pecs

It is well known that “bros” tend to have good benches, also because it is the only thing they do (?
Improving my incline sounds a lot, especially considering that my weakness is the pecs. Also prioritize dumbbell work.

no, I have a friend who programs

You’re weak off the chest. Start doing partials for sets of 5 from chest to about 2-3 board height. Keep the pressure on the pecs and front delts. Add in pause sets as well. Use a red slingshot to overload once in a while. Do some 2board pressing for reps to build tricep strength.

Can’t tell much from the vid but bench setup needs work. Gotta get super tight. Shoulder blades pulled back, arch back to sit on your traps, butt down on the bench before you take the weight. Hit your chest with the bar then push the weight away from you using leg drive. Big breath in. Stay tight the entire time.

No fancy programming. Its the work you put in. It can be as simple as starting with 5s at 50% adding 5-10kg each set til you can’t hit 5. Next week same thing using triples. Following week use doubles. Then start all over or take a deload.

Its just work and practice

Except the new thing is to have your butt in the air, take the weight out, THEN drop the butt and settle in.

It’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. ( not a joke this is the new in thing )

I like to arch and bridge way up on my head, like nose to the bench, dramatically, before setting my shoulders. Then taking the weight out, butt up. Then settling in.

Call me old…:wink:

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and I hate you for it :stuck_out_tongue: