Form Check - Bench Press

Hello as the title says I would appreciate a criticism of my technique.

In this video they are 80kg(176lbs)x1 very easy, I think my 1rm round in the 90kg. The only thing I do not know is what happened with my elbows when the bar rests on my chest.

And here are 62.5kg(137lb) x4.


Mostly you’re very unstable and need to rework your bench from the ground up.

Watch these videos, the key points I’m seeing are foot placement, bar path and tightness.

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Overall, you don’t look tight, everything is shaky. Get tight and stay tight.

You pretty much drop the bar onto your chest from the last few inches as it comes down, stay in control of the bar. Losing control = losing tightness, and you aren’t tight to begin with.

The way you unrack the bar is terrible. You need to be higher up on the bench, like with the bar over your nose/mouth area and pull the bar forward with your lats as you lift it off the hooks. A bad unrack will put you in a bad position and the rest of the lift won’t be good. Bryce Lewis has a video on self-unracking, look it up on youtube.

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Thanks for the observation. I’m going to test how I’m doing with my flat foot, but for the moment on my toes I can create a better arch. And on the bar path I was trying to improve it, previously over tuck my elbows now i flare more in the eccentric portion.
And good compilation of jts, I took a look at all the chapters.
Thank you!

Thanks for the observation.
I try to stay tense but it gets very complicated with my gym bench, it’s very unstable (they need to buy a new one).
That drastic fall in the chest I think is due to not being used to the weight, I did not touch the 80kg for a long time, even though it is not my 1rm.
And about the unrack I do it as if it were a lat pullover, capable that is what you say I must be higher in the bench. I’ll take a look at the video.
Thank you!