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Form Check--Bench Press (I'm Just Not a Good Bencher, IMHO)

Hello. Any thoughts on my bench would be appreciated. I am just not a strong bencher. I’m not sure if it’s poor technique (lord knows I’ve watched countless youtube videos) or if I am just not built for the bench. Thanks in advance!



There’s a lot to go over, but this video does a great job of it.

Hopefully someone else can break down into more detail some issues for you. ( swamped today )

Your descent is very awkward, like it has two phases or something, not smooth at all. Just look at how other good benchers bring the bar down and contrast with what you are doing. Also when you have the bar at your chest your elbows are not directly under the bar, they are closer to your feet. This is not a strong position at all. How much to tuck your elbows is going to depend from person to person, Julius Maddox doesn’t really tuck his elbows at all and he benches 700+, but one way or another your elbow need to stay in line with the bar.

Other than those two things, you just don’t look like you are tight at all. Get tight, stay tight. There are probably a few other minor details but those are the most obvious ones.