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Form Check: Back Squat

Weight: 365lb
Ramped up from 225 on 5x5, setsxreps as follows
365x5 (video from behind)
365x5 (video from side)

I’ve been doing high(ish) bar squat. These videos made me consider doing low bar squat as my upper body was delayed moving up.


Those look fine.

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Textbook form

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Stronger than me but I think your walkout can be improved. Seems apprehensive to me. The number of steps seem fine but you appear to be shuffling a bit and looking at your toes.

If you want to change to low-bar that’s your perogative but maybe consider doing both instead. Mentioning it just to highlight the option. Not saying that one is right or one is wrong.

But low-bar won’t fix upper-body delay. At least I don’t think so.

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I think it looks pretty good.

Maybe you could lower your j-hooks one notch so the bar is lower in the rack. In the video, you almost have to reeaach to take the bar out. Theoretically you could get the bar a little lower on your shoulders and keep a tight brace for a smoother walk out and less upper body delay. (Which I didn’t think was too serious).

What kind of rack is that? it looks all tricked out!

I’ve been going back and forth on which pin to leave the J hooks on because one lower feels really low, and the one i was at during the video feels a bit too high. Anyways, I’ll give the next one lower a shot.

I actually ordered all my equipment from an overseas company at about 1/3 price. Took about 4 months to show up but was worth it IMO… only costed about 5k US in total but took a lot of networking with people i didn’t know. I can share more details if you’re really interested but the company is TZFitness and I think they actually wholesale most Hammer Strength equipment lol.

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Try it out, let us know how it goes.

It looks like you imported a “commerical quality” rack for your garage gym? For real pulleys/cable stacks, landmine, and Smith Machine? That’s awesome! What is that other thing, next to the rack?

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Unilteral ham curl and unilateral quad ext. I also got some of those adjustable dumbbels but they go up to 80lbs each.

Wouldn’t have gotten quite so much equipment but the representative told me they only do shipments of $3k and over, so I went shopping lol. Still saved me the better part of 8k doing it this way though, that Smith/cable/power rack would’ve cost $5k alone so🤷🏼‍♂️

To my knowledge, this is all commercial quality equipment. It was a bit of a risk because I was about 25% sure I was going to get “wish” quality equipment, but the gamble worked out well for me. I saw their ISO9001 certificate (international quality procedures) and decided to risk it.


Pins seem too high. You had to lift the bar over on the left side, which could be very dangerous on any max effort sets.

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I didn’t actually have to, I just do it because the rack is really wide and I have like 1" total excess space between both sides to get it hooked properly. Still going to lower the pins next run through though, so hopefully no issues.

Thanks for the tips!