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Form Check at 365lbs for 5 Reps

Hey Guys,

Been working on Smolov and the video is of week 3 day 3, doing 7 sets of 5 at 365. The video is of set 3 I believe. I am just looking for a form check. I think some of the squats might be a little shallow, but other then that how does the form look?

I am not an expert but your lower back is tucking under, you want to keep that arched hard. If it’s flexibility, stretch your hip flexers so you can hit depth without tucking under.

I’d personally try to sit back some, you seem to be just going straight down. It helped with my depth issues since I have longer skinnier legs.

It’s hard to tell if you are pushing your knees out at all, but if you are not you have to open them up. You will be much stronger. I also can’t tell if your upper back is tight enough, if at all. Try to keep your elbows pushed down.