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Form Check and Questions

I’m posting to have my form critiqued/criticized. I want to make sure i’m doing them correctly.

i don’t really know how to post videos, so we’ll see what happens.

this is squat 1x5x135

edit: its a gigantic white box and i dont know why

edit edit: I posted them in my profile and they work fine.

theres a squat 1x5x135
a squat 1x5x175
and a deadlift 1x5x235

next time i go i will take video of rows because i really dont know if im doing those right.

I would like to learn how to powerclean instead of doing rows, would it be okay if i read about how to do them, study videos, and then try it with light weight by myself? or should i find someone to teach me them.

I provided a link in the “Starting Strength: The Guide” or whatever thread. Should be on the front page, or maybe page 2. Anyway, the link is to videos of how to properly do squats, deadlifts, military press, chess press, and even power cleans. I used them to correct my form and learn how to do power cleans. I did PCs yesterday for the first time with 110 lbs. Whether that’s a lot or not, doesn’t matter, but, I felt it through my body and I got the form down, so now it’s just a matter of continuing to progress with them just like any other lift. Anyways, check out the videos and you’ll probably learn most of what you need to know and then just practice and progress.

From the angle your vids were taken, your form looks great.

The video doesn’t seem to load for me…

Saw your vids. First congrats on not letting your ego get the best of you when choosing weights. In your squat video I see real good depth, but you have a slight problem at the bottom portion. It’s what’s called the “eye wink”.

Lower back is arched nicely and then it sort of loses that tightness at the bottom where it probably doesn’t have enough strength to maintain that arch. Or it could be some other issues, muscle imbalances or flexibility issues (hips, tight hamstrings maybe).

I’m no expert, cause I have the same problem and I’m correcting my form all the time. It’s not a real big issue now, but once you start hitting real big weights it could be detrimental to your progress.

Some people have a little rounding (which Mark Rippetoe says is ok) but in your squatting it’s pretty noticable. Try different things, wider stance, practice alot of BW squats in your free time or everytime you pick up something.

Here is some links to checkout.

fixing lower back rounding

I’m also going to start adding more hyperextensions to my routine hoping it’ll add more strength to my lower back.

Here is another link that might be helpful to. Some things that I’ve been doing, not as much as I should cause I’m a lazy bastard some days ha.

If you have any issues with your ankles, this is also very informative. http://stronglifts.com/how-to-improve-your-ankle-mobility/

How to keep your heels on the ground

yes, i noticed the rounding at the bottom too. I think its a flexibility issue but i also started doing hyperextensions as well. when i squat i feel like i would fall over backwards if i tried to maintain the arch in my back.

i’ll watch the squat rx series on youtube and start working on my flexibility issues. thanks a bunch.

I used to have the same problem, butt wink/tail under. The thing that is helping the most is really focusing on keeping my butt and hamstrings tight as I lower.

If I relax at the bottom I lose my arch, my back goes into flexion and it looks like what you are doing. You may have to limit depth at first, and it will get easier as you get better at squatting.

Nice transformation by the way in the first pic in your profile.

I noticed the same ‘rounding’ but it just looked to me like your shirt was clinging to your ass.