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Form Check. 6'9 ATG Squatter


Could anyone check this mighty 60kg squat (ATG max 90kg+) and tell me if it's dangerous for my spine. It feels ok after a weeks of doing it but I could be setting myself up for major injury especially with heavier weights.

Thanks in advance.


Looks good, try to keep more of an arch though. Just think elbows back, head flat/up and chest out.


Elbows back !? Are you serious ?

To the OP, try to stay tight, you seem to loose tightness out of the hole. First get a big breath, brace your abs, squeeze your shouler blades and squeeze the bar with your hands. Then, engage your hips and hold your breath the whole time. When getting out of the hole, drive your elbows under the bar. For the lower back rounding, work on your hips/ankle mobility/flexibility.


Yeah, what the hell man? Elbows go UNDER the bar, not back.


Yes he's serious !! Your elbows should be further back than the bar, not under the bar. There was an article on here that spoke about it but I'm having a difficult time finding it. Check this link out.



Your shoulders also look rounded forward, keep them back hands narrow and elbows forward.


Elbows forward to keep your back tight and chest up.


What's up with this "elbows forward".... could someone post a video demonstrating a back squat with elbows forward, in proximity to the bar.

Plz and thanx


Read that, I just read it a few days ago and already I can feel a difference in my squats.


Your elbows aren't going to look forward and under the bar (esp with very heavy weights) - you think about driving your elbows forward to keep your back tight and chest up.


Looks like you have a little bit of lower back rounding when you're in the hole...