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Form Check 110kg x 5 Deadlift

Please rate my form on my current best deadlift. Although I think my form is okay, the weight feels extremely heavy and I don’t know whether I should go up in weight.

some info about me:
189 cm, 81 kg, 22 years
I’ve been lifting on and off for about 3 years. Other lifts include 60 kg x 8 frontsquats, 42,5 kg x 5 overhead press, 52,5 kg x 8 barbell row. I’m currently working on shoulder mobility, therefore no backsquats or bench press.

Where’s the video of the 5x110 set?

Doesn’t look bad, although your back arch looks a little excessive. You definitely want to create tightness (which you’re doing well), but I prefer a flatter back to initiate the pull. That being said, a severe arch is much better and safer than severe rounding in the other direction.

Push through with your hips more as the bar comes up. You’re not pushing through with your hips at all, and you’re losing a lot of power that way. Basically like you’re fucking the air, lol.

Are you holding back speed-wise when you initiate the pull? I would like to see the bar come off the ground faster at the start. Get more aggressive with the first part of the pull. If you can create more bar speed earlier in the lift, it will help tremendously.

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Overall, pretty decent. You’re certainly not going to hurt anything with that form, which is a good start.

First thing I noticed is your body position Look at how far forward your shoulders are in relation to the bar (hint: they are in front of the bar). They should be directly vertical to the bar for maximum ability to transfer force to the bar.

Ah now I see it. I’d go with flipcollar here with the excessive back arching. You also start with you shoulders too far ahead of the bar which forces your body into an awkward position. It’s not horrible but it’s simply a waste of energy which holds your progress back.

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Just want to reiterate the above… It looks to me as if you almost ‘good morning’ the weight up in the latter 3rd of your lift. Pushing through with your hips more will dramatically increase the weight you can move, and it will decrease the strain on your lower back (I always find that my lower back picks up the slack when I’m not driving enough with my hips).

The bar comes out a bit to get past your knees then comes back. Getting your knees out of the way of the bar (instead of the bar out of the way of your knees) should help you out.