Form and weights...

How important is form in hypertrophy? Some ppl like banging bad form reps with heavy weight.
Any muscle gains from that?
I know I should lift less but perfect form.
Whatcha think?

Well here is the only thing i can say.

I have Dorians Blood and Guts video, and also Ronnie Colemans “Unbelievable” video. These guys are at opposite ends of the form spectrum.
Dorian does his excersizes with special detail to his form, while Ronnie uses no tempo, just kinda throws his weights up and down and bounces most of the time.

Both have built Amazing Physiques because of their respective training methods.

Try switching it up?

I see…but these guys are steroid filled.
I am not taking steroids.Not planning to.Not much supplementation either.So I guess Ronnie and Dorian can’t really help me out here…
Thanks tho.

Any other ideas?

well i think that form is very important… its obviously the most important part of the lift,this is when your muscles are under the most stress… so with this being said why would u want to limit the stress by letting momentum to its work… also i think its hell of alot more impressive to see a guy bench 285 with a 402 tempo that a guy do 350 with horrible form and no tempo

if you can’t lift the weight with good form, go down. sorry. everyone cheats a bit at the end of a hard set, but throwing the weights around just increases your chances of injury. who cares how much you’re lifting anyway? shitty form just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing…

I think that if you’re at the beginning of a mesocycle you should use good form. If you’re towards the end, when you’re purposely getting close to failure and the reps are getting harder to come by, then some cheating will be ok.

You must be young and invincible! If you use bad form you will invetibly get injured and that deffinitly does not help hypertrophy. A few time I had to hold on Tri Extension workouts because ignorance was building up in my elbow joint. ALWAYS USE GOOD FORM AND THINK ABOUT THE MUSCLE YOU ARE UTILIZING! On the otherside you can do half reps, forced reps, and other advance techniques that help get your body use to extra weight and gives your blood and ego a nice testosterone pump…

To answer your question…Use bad form=get injured=layoffs=muscle atrophy. So, no, bad form is no good for hypertrophy.

You WILL get injured with bad form eventually - especially as the weight you do increases.
I promise that you’ll hate life when you can’t lift.
Personally I am working through a strained rotator cuff. I have to take 6 weeks or more completely off my upper body and then begin with baby physical therapy stuff.
It is not worth it.