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Foriegn Legionaires In Blackwater?

Just wondering, you think any Spanish Legion and/or French Legion Special Forces guys ever made their way into Blackwater or Xe, or some other PMC?

I was just wondering about this, given the religious right’s dislike of Western European politique, I figured since it’s those same kind of guys who run these PMCs, they wouldn’t recruit them.

But at the same time, they ate up alot of the former Apartheid regimes and South American dictatorships’ talent. So I wonder…

Blackwater highers private contractors… yes, they train a lot of the people, but the people they employ aren’t actually employees of blackwater but sub-contractors, so i’m sure there were plenty of foreign legionnaires

It’d be nice if I could find an article about it. I love stuff like this.

Not connected however Bear Grylls done a great documentary where he joined the foreign legion with some British dudes including an ex smack addict from Glasgow. Truly riveting.

This is it here

Check it out if you get the cahnce mate. It will be right up your alley.

He made a 5 year documentary? Or was part of the documentary, deseration? Haha.

[quote]3IdSpetsnaz wrote:
It’d be nice if I could find an article about it. I love stuff like this.[/quote]

Just google the book “blackwater”

Bear and the rest of the group only went through basic training. It was very interesting to watch.

Crazy that they throw their soldiers in jail as a routine punishment.

Read it.