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Forgot to Change Syringe

I Went to Inject test into my quad but it hurt before I had time to draw so I pulled out and put in the other quad that I had injected into the time before. It didn’t hurt at all but the following day it hurts like a bitch and is hard to bend or squat. I have felt similar pain when I would inject in my glute and is why I decided to switch to quads only thing is when I pulled the needle out of my quad and went to the other quad I didn’t change the syringe… did I fuck up royaly? I feel like I’m getting flu like symptoms now today two days after injection. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

No. I have frequently split my dose with the same pin into two injection sites. I was hitting shoulders and I didn’t like the huge oil bubble so I would put half cc in each shoulder. Same pin. Many times. Zero issues.

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Thank you for replying Moose74!
I gotta say hearing that is a bit of a relief… I’m wondering if maybe hitting legs the same day I jabbed might also have something to do with the swellng and pain… the first couple times I jabbed quads there was pretty much no PIP.

I was doing a glute pin and hit a nerve. First time for that and holy Hell I wanted to die. After I composed myself for a moment I swabbed the other glute and used the same syringe to take my shot. It’s not a big deal. It’s not as good as using a new, sharper needle, but it really shouldn’t hurt you.