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Forgot My Thyroid Medication...

Okay, so I’m away at college and for the past month and a half or so I’ve been eating A LOT. I mean I’m eating like never before. I’m drinking a shake first thing in the morning and right before I goto bed, on top of countless meals, and pre and post work out shakes.

However, for the past month I also haven’t been taking my medication (it’s a long story). I feel like I haven’t gained ANY weight, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t. Although, I have noticed considerable gains in strength. So what I’m asking is, did all of the food I ate in the last month go to waste? P.S. I have hypothyroidism.

Being hypothyroid, you should have gained weight because your metabolism should be slowing down, fat mostly.

Still, if your medication consists of T4 (thyroxine) in the regimen, you should basically feel the brunt of the lack of medication 5 weeks from the day you stopped taking it. T4 having an half-life of about 1 week and medication generally take 5 half-lives to clear, so by now 3 to 4 weeks after you will soon be nearing your original hypothyroid levels.

If you had been taking too much medication then you might have ‘‘wasted’’ the food, but considering you’ve done the opposite, it would make little sense (even if one considers the beneficial effects of normal thyroid levels on protein turn-over) to blame this on the lack of medication.

Hell, you are lucky not to have packed on fat.

Good Luck,

Let me make a very important correction, I have Hyper thyroidism, not Hypothyroidism. That said, what do you y’all think?

To make this simple, what is your medication.

Then we have to check its half-life and the time to effect once you’ve unblocked the process.

Its easier this way, instead of writing for each possible medication.