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Forgive My Ignorance - Test E, EQ Cycle


Hello Everyone...
I'm 43 yrs old, 6'4", 270 lbs, and on the down-hill side of some injuries. (Knee and others)
A good friend of mine, recently sold me a cycle of Test E, and EQ.
Now...I haven't juiced in a lifetime, and never this combo, so PLEASE explain it to me like a 5 yr old.
What I'm asking for is doses.
What do I start with, how much, and how often?
At what point do I introduce the stack?
And, at that point, how much of each should I be taking?Thank y


I have no idea how much you have, i am you're age and on trt get 150mg a week. I was going to a stack of test e and eq but got bad shit , any way starting out assuming stuff is good you are basically going to do super trt. I.would go around 400 hundred mg a week of each both are fairly safe long term , eq helps joints etc. And if available some osteobol sarm, or 30 mg winny a day for hardness. Back in day we only used clomid hcg arimedix off cycle, so the new guys will give you different advice. If you gear is legit your pears will be jealous that they are turning into women and you are getting.jacked. i will say that my sex drive is best at around 200 milligrams test weekly and as opposed to 700mg weekly, but strenght is higher at 700mg weekly , so some of these guys are competitive powerlifter, bodybuilding will laugh at a 250 test 200 eq cycle it will still help, and if legit will still make gains and be above normal levels


I only have the one cycle, but have two more of sust on the way along with some pct.
I'm not wanting to get super huge, just build some areas up and be proportionate.
Thanks TONS for the help, and any advice is greatly appreciated.


That's exactly the cycle I was starting when I tore my bicep (completely unrelated to cycle - I'm a dumbass) a few weeks ago - 200mg Test and EQ every 3 days. Averages out around 466mg per week. I'm limited on lifting for about 6 months, but some time after that I intend to run it again.


Sweet Bud. Thanks alot!
Sorry to hear about your injury....get better, then get bigger. HAHAHA!


Get the surgery, i tore my pec muscle in 03 and since i had full range of motion insurance wouldn't cover it. I though it would heal never really did now ive strengthen it. And train around it.


I'm two weeks post-op, had the surgery 1 week to the day after I tore it. Managed to get an MRI overseas (only $100), and got in with the ortho the day after I got home. He decided to do surgery that day because he had an opening, so everything has gone smoothly. I've already got most of my ROM back, but like I said, no weight-bearing for 3 months minimum. I've always hated working around injuries (the few minor ones I've had), so I guess now I get to work on patience. I'd rather heal it properly now, than turn it into a chronic issue.

//End thread jack//