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Forgive me, but please, help me sort this template question out.


Long story short. Been doing 531 in the past with great results. moved to sheiko and other PL oriented routines. My progress stalled, I got stuck on details. Thats where I am now, and I´ve decided to move back to where I did my best progress ever, 531.

Im 30 years old. 95kg / 185cm
Squat 145x5
Bench 115x1
Deadlift 190x1
Press 70x1

My current life with university studies, family and recovery hinders me from train more than 3 times/week, about one hour each time.

I´ve looked at Jims 531 for beginners, but I just want to see if my template gets some love around here, or if it´s rubbish! :slightly_smiling:

Squat 531
Bench 531

Press 531
Deadlift 531

Front Squat 531
Bench 5x5 @ 80%

All assistance are from Wendler-6. After 531 sets, FSL are done if I have energy left.

Does this at all looks like a solid, basic template? I prefer the frequency of the lifts, and really love front squat aswell as regualar beck squat.
I just want to keep it simple and smash the 531 lifts and dont major the minior.

Thanks guys!


Here are the changes I would make, especially for someone who is in school, has family:

Change all lifts to 5's PRO - 3x5 FSL. Just about anyone can finish that workout in an hour. Use the 3/5/1 template to ensure the M/L/H programming. Good luck. For most busy people and athletes, this is the "go to" programming. It works very well.


Thank you for your kindness Jim. Stay well!


Hi Jim,
more and more I see you recommending 5's PRO for the main lifts. Doesn't this go against your 'rule' of breaking PR's? Or should I see the monthly increase in "performed" 5RM (3rd week 5x95%) as breaking a PR? This is not a smart ass comment, just genuinly curious.


Nope - we structure the training to hit PR's too. We never abandon the core principles. Just have to be smart about it.


I assume this doesn't work ideally in Fullbody training?


Can't have your cake and eat it too. I recommend following the program as shown.


Just a breif update. The routine works very well, and with my life outside the gym.
I dropped the FSL and just do the original sets. My body was not prepared for the extra volume and the extra time it took worked against me.

Pushing the last set hard, chins between pressing sets, basic compound movements .. Jim, thank you again. My spirit is back!