Forget the Post Workout Shake! Help With Some Basic Stuff!

Hey, Crew! I need some help (and your personal recipes!) on making a couple of things more palatable:

1)Oatmeal (I remember vaguely a recipe I saw once where a bodybuilder somehow folded in eggs and other ingredients to make a pretty good looking concoction).

2)The Old Notorious, (But Nutritious) Low Fat Cottage Cheese. ANYTHING but plain has to be an improvement!


Put pineapple in the cottage cheese or mix it up with some non-fat chocolate pudding. Either one tastes good.

Mufasa, the Lion King…just thought I’d drop you a couple things I’ve done to make some tasty lil treats. After heating up some regular ol’ oats, I have found the combo Splenda, cinnamon, calorie-free spray butter, and maple extract flavoring to be invaluable additions. For cottage cheese, you could do the same. I also like to toss in a scoop of GROW with a cup and a half of cottage cheese–almost like a pudding.

Just slightly off-topic, but I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now… the food that takes up a LARGE portion of my daily caloric intake, is simply Skim Milk Powder (read in MM yonks ago that the amino-acid profile is not too far off whey protein) and either Sustagen or Milo (Aussie products as far as I know).

Zero fat, heaps of protein and heaps of carbs. I put in 100-150grams of Skim, and 25-50grams of Sustagen, and there’s a meal (450-700 odd calories…).

Quick, easy, tastes good, and gets the job done!

for cottage cheese, i either eat it in orange juice, with lowfat whipped cream on top (still very low in fat if you are doing massive eating carb and protein protocol), or you can hold the juice and try it with whipped cream, not that good but better than straight cottage cheese.

Mark, Are you mixing it in milk or water?

I like to add sugar free syrup to my oatmeal it is made with splenda so it only has 10 calories per 1/4 cup, so I can get a lot more quality calories with more oatmeal and have it taste great (one of my favorite breakfast foods) without all the added sugar

For oatmeal and cottage cheese I cut fruit up into it. Bananas, raisins and strawberries are good with the oats. Strawberries are good with cottage cheese.

I refuse to eat oats or cottage cheese without some protein mixed in. I usually use either a scoop of grow and a scoop of whey in my oats and a scoop of grow in my cottage cheese. The one key is to mix slowly and it makes a nice thick meal. Also add the protein to the oats after they are cooked and have started to cool, not during or before.

The typical western approach to oats is making them sweet. I like to go a different direction and make them salty. I buy some beef neck bones (only 1.90 a pound) and simmer it for about three hours. I let it cool overnight and the fat will come to the surface and harden. I skim the fat and use the rich broth to flavor my oatmeal. I make the oats the usual way, then I pour the broth in it, along with some meat. Salt and pepper to taste, add even some garlic powder if you wish. I’ve had this every morning for the last couple of months and I’m still not tired of it. Give it a try. One batch will last you a whole week.

its probably not much or nothing new thats gonna shake your cottage cheese up tooo much but i like to pour a good amount of pepper in mine

Mix the cottage cheese with yogurt.

i love oatmeal and yogurt mixed together