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Forget keto on a cut?

Anyone else not that high on low carb diets during a cutting cycle. I feel low energy, and I still feel like I lose more muscle mass than moderate carb, low fat. Has anyone else tried both and feel the mod. carb, low fat is a better way to cut?

Do what is easiest for you to follow. Physiologically, a keto diet is superior for our body chemistry. But if one finds it hard to follow then it isn’t ideal b/c a diet is only good when it is followed correctly. This may seem like a bold statement but our bodies are designed to run on fats as a primary fuel source where carbs in even slight excess are the cause of most modern day health problems.
The main problem w/ a low carb diet is people don’t give the body enough time to build up the enzymes required to use fat efficienctly, usually cutting carbs too fast and not eating enough fat. The process takes time and is longer for some than others, but most people never really give it a chance to happen. Carb-ups contribute to the problem prolonging us to be fat adapted. Either way every diet does work, as long as calories are cut appropriately, but more muscle should be maintained and fat loss should be faster w/low carbs as carbs turn on the fat storing hormones of the body while shutting off the fat burning ones. This is a biochemical fact, unless carbs are from fibrous sources, which can cause problems of their own if eaten in excess.


What problems are you referring to when you say that even fibrous carbs eaten in excess can cause problems?

Actually I feel great on low carb diets, even keto. I think, like Pete said, a mistake people make is trying to make it a low-carb, low-fat, high protein diet. You need those fats…and be sure to get plenty of Omega 3’s too. When I first started bodybuilding, I did a low fat diet and lost a ton of muscle. I’ll never go that way again. When you drop fats from your diets, your testosterone levels take a plunge, believe me. And I could never stop thinking about food. On low-carb diets, sometimes I forget about meals. If low-fat has been comfortable for you in the past and works, then go ahead, but I’d suggest low carb or even keto.