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Forget Brad Pitt what about Vin Diesel?

Does anyone have any info on Vin Diesel, (Pitch Black, Fast and Furious, for anyone who doesnt know who he is) his height/weight? Training routines? I’ve been looking, but can’t find anything. He has the physique I’m trying to obtain. Thanks for any help

You aren’t going to look like him, because he’s Vin Diesel, and you are you. Just follow whatever programs this site suggests and you’ll be big and ripped.

He’s decent actor that made a spectacular big screen appearance in Pitch Black. What I mean by decent is that when he actually acts (as in Boiler Room), and doesn’t just pose (as in Fast and Furious), he can act. However, dude, you are you and Vin is Vin. Train for you - and expect the results that would come from that training. Be yourself. As for information on Vin - there’s this amazing thing called the internet and I’m very positive that there are “unofficial” and “official” Vin Diesel fan sites that would have the very information you seek.