Forget about Berardi...

We’ve been wasting our time with the nutritional strategies presented here at T-mag. Just check this link out for “proper” pre and post workout nutrition. :slight_smile: index_eatright.html

You got to be kiddding… oh wait you are ha ha very funny. Yeah the first give away is the pretty pink background. haa haa

SWEET! i’m going to start working out in the afternoons so i can drink a soy beverage post workout! well, gotta run to the grocery store to pick up some rice cakes and pumpernickel bagels to nibble on throughout the day. catch you guys later.

I have printed out a copy and stuck it in my gym bag… THANKS!

Nic, man you forgot the mini cereal boxes and the instant bean soup as a top notch protein source. Man I feel like such a pussy just from seeing that website, I’m going to go talk about my feelings for awhile.

I’ve noticed my gains have slowed down after forgoing the mineral water/celery stick pre WO nutrition. I’m glad you’ve got me back on track again.

According the latest issue of GQ, you need tofu to build muscle. Oh, and Men’s Health advertises soy milk. Do these people read any of the latest science on muscle building and health???

Damn all this time I thought I was eating right. Time to throw away the Grow! and the eggs and the tuna,now I have to go shopping again!

DAMN! I thought the only way to get my protein was meat, I guess a can of bean soup is the way to go! What the fuck is all of that shit about? I think my T levels have dropped a shit load just from looking at that site.

Damn, I took the nutrition quiz and it said I should only be eating 2-3 servings of protein a day. Probably hurting my kidneys or something!