I have tried powerlifting in high school, and I have just done 9 months of weightlifting. I have decided that powerlifting is my thing and so I am going to make a log of my progress because I don’t want to fall into the trap I did after my two shoulder dislocations - laziness. I want passion, I want brutal strength, and I want a positive memory of my journey.

So today I started my journey by entering Melbourne University’s gym to find myself surrounded by more large frames than I have ever seen in one room. One guy comes up to me, asks if I am gay, when I answer no, he turns around and starts dishing out gay jokes to the main coach :slight_smile:

He asks me what the fuck I am doing here “Are you here because you are gay?” - I say “I’m here to become a brutal motherfucker” and he nods in approval. Somehow I am starting to think he’s a bit of a homophobe!

Anyways, the coach decides to tell me I am piss weak, and so gives me undivided attention for the rest of the session! Funny how that works.

I am training with this old couple - they are so cute! But then the 70 year old gal squats 2 plates a side and doesn’t even look phased. I am liking this place already :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I have finally found my home. It begins now…

Bench Press - 3x5x65kg

I haven’t benched in 2 years, but that is still pretty pathetic - let’s see how fast I can get my bench over 100?

Deadlift - 3x5x90kg

Had to relearn how to do this, because I am so used to doing cleans from weightlifting.

Squat - 3x5x70kg

Had to relearn how to squat, because I have only ever done high-bar and front squats. This one was very light for me, but oh well.

Warm ups omitted until I get my program sorted.

Nice light session so I am still fresh for Thursday.

3x5x70kg Front Squat
4x2x50kg Clean and Jerk
4x2x40kg Full Snatch Squat

The powerlifting gym I have joined is only open Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat, so I will still be going to my old weightlifting gym on Tuesdays until end of the term.

VERRRRRRRRRRY sore pecs from yesterday’s bench lol!

3x6x45kg Close-grip Bench
3x6x92.5kg Deadlift
3x8x45kg Squats
3x8 Chins
3x13 Rotor-cuff
3x(y) Sit ups

Monday 03 Nov

3x6x55kg Bench
3x12x30kg DB Bench
3x12x27kg EZ Curls
3x6x70kg Deadlift
3x8x60kg Squats

Squats are feeling better, and I think I pulled my right pec last week, so I decided to keep the bench light and full of pump until this coming Thursday.

Friday 6th

3x5x65kg Close-grip Bench
3x10 Lying twists
3x5x70kg Deadlift
3x5x70kg Squat
Rotor cuff stuff
3x5 explosive Chinups
3x5 explosive hamstring curl

skipped abs