Forever Strength and Conditioning Program, 5s PRO Percentages?

Hi all. I’m new to the forum, but not so new to 5/3/1. As a volunteer firefighter I am going to start running the Strength and Conditioning template for my next cycle.

This program calls for 2 cycles of 2 weeks and then 7th week protocol. My question is for 5s PRO, should I be using the same percentages on all 4 weeks leading up to the deload?

I’m new to using 5 PROs.


unless expressly written in the book not to(as it is in some programs), pretty sure you add weight as normal. -?-

You’ll complete a full cycle in the two weeks as it’s basically become an A/B set up. Watch your TM which was the advice I was given, no more than 85% other wise this will catch up on you really quickly. The 5’s pro increases in line with the normal progression principles

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Thanks man. I forgot to treat it like an A/B setup with the percentages. And +1 for no more than 85%. I’ve done the God is a Beast template before and had to readjust my training max.