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Forever: Reason Behind TM Test Between Programs?

Anchors usually include PR sets. These sets should be sufficient to evaluate the TM or estimate e.g. 85% of 1RM.

Then why is it recommended to also do a TM test?

Because people screwed that up.


Is going for my training max for AMRAP a good training max test? If I create a new 1RM should I leave my training max alone and only add the usual 5-10 pounds to it?

That’s kinda what you’re supposed to do. Don’t up it by more than the normal 5 lbs for upper body and 10 lbs for lower body.

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NOTE: I had to edit my answer - I misread the question. Unless you are getting 800-900 reps on your final sets, just increase the TM 5-10lbs.

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Hi Jim,

regarding COVID-19, how can I execute slow linear progression using dumbbells/kettlebells?

how can I slowly linear progress on dumbbells and kettlebells since the increments are bigger than on a barbell?

When and how should I increase sets, reps and or weight?

I´ve never focused on progressive overload on assistance exercises with dumbbells but now, movements like the DB-squat are my main exercises and I still want to progress, but slowly and steady like the 531 principles!

Thank you very much for your valuable time and help

Jim made a recent blog post on his site regarding what to do if you could only hit the gym once per week. I think it could apply to zero times per week as well