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Forever Programs For Cutting

Hey guys,

Looking forward to hear some 531 Forever template that has worked well with a caloric deficit.

Personally, I’ve used:

Krypteia (Kicked massive butt with a deficit but I guess the lighter weight helped)

Widowmaker circuit (Still doing this, short, sweet and kicked ass)

Thank you.

I had very good results with prep and fat loss training.

You can do any of the programs as long as your caloric deficit isn’t too big.

Yeah, nah. I getcha. But there will be programs like Boring But Big which are naturally harder under a caloric deficit.

I guess that’s where the auto regulation comes in.

I did Boring but Big on a caloric deficit, that is, I just ate less than usual (since I don’t really count what I eat, besides protein intake). Shouldn’t be too hard, but everyone is different.