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Forever On: The Neverending Cycle


So I had this idea(I am sure I am not the first one) of runing a cycle forever.
Was thinking about Test E around 50-75 maybe 100/week as that's not much more than the body makes/week.
Why bother? Well I'd never have to worry that my test is to low and it would( I think) help me keep all the muscle I build. Besides I love being on AAS, feels great from every POV.

My questions are:
Is anyone on such a cycle?
What are the sides to it?
Will such a small amount kill my test production?
Should I use AI with such small amounts?
Is there a risk of becoming sterile?


Sounds like TRT, unless you're going to up the dose periodically. In which case, Google "blast and cruise".


Yes to both.
Exogenous test will kill of your natural production while on cycle. As far as the second one goes... it's a gamble. But the longer you stay on, the more you're risking it.


Is there any way to keep a vial sterile(the gear actually) after poping the top? Talking about those 1ml vials that you "decapitate".


You could always just draw the whole thing up and inject as needed or, if you don't want to reuse needles, backfill a few insulin pins.


Could I just keep the juice in the same seringe and just change the needles?


Yes, sir.


Great sir, good to know!


Because I dont want to spam the forums with 100 threads I'll just ask here since it's Test E related.
I have a friend who's 31 years old and around 22-24% BF, he knows I work our and he knows I use roids and will use again. So he asked me if I could get him some roids as he wants to go to the gym to lose some pounds.

Before I get him any AAS I want to ask the elders if it's a good idea for him to start roids with his BF so high. If I do decide to help him with this problem I will probably get him test e as it's the most easy to get here.
So should I help him by ignoring his request or would a 500/week dose of test e help him in his quest?


You need to explain to him that AAS aren't magic and they won't do him any good if his diet and training aren't sorted out.

If it was a buddy of mine, I would tell him to put a few months in at the gym and in the kitchen. Show me you're willing to work for it and make some significant progress toward your goal, then and only then will I help you out.


Oh I already told him AAS wont make fat go away and muscle grow if he spends his time in front of the TV eating shit food. To be honest I am inclined not to get him any BUT if there is no danger linked to his BF% I might consider his request. I'm just scared that with that much fat on him he might actually get even more fat rathen than lean.