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Forever Lower Body Assistance


Iam reading through my forever book and am having a question about the assistance categorie.
Maybe i missed something, maybe iam stupid, Just forgive me then!

So you have the categories push, pull and single leg/core. In the book by push and pull i see only upper body movements.
But an excersise as the squat is also considerd a push excersise and a Deadlift is a pull excersise.

On squat or deadlift days should i always use the push and pull assistance reps for upper body movements, or could i use these also for some assistance like leg extensions / leg curls / leg press / calf Press??

These would fall into the single leg/core category.

So it is not only ‘single’ leg?

Is it also ok to use on the Press and Bench Day the push and pull for upper body movements, and maybe some core, and on the squat and deadlift u use the push and pull for some leg assistance i named in my question?

Reason iam asking is that i seems to me that your total weekly volume for upper body is much higher then for lower body when you use push and pull only for upper body.
Also it seems weired to me to do leg extensions on the Press or Bench day.

Normally i like to train 4 days a week and looks something like this:

Upper body:
Press or Bench 531(mainwork) (paired sets with chin/pull ups)
Press or Bench (supplemental)
Dumbell or barbell row (assistance)
Tricep extensions (assistance)
Bicep curl (assistance)

Lower body:
Squat or Deadlift 531(mainwork)
Squat or Deadlift (supplemental)
Ab wheel or leg raise (assistance)
Leg Press or leg extensions (assistance)
RDL/goodmorning or leg curls (assistance)
Some calf raise (assistance)

When i train like this, the total weekly volume would be the same to when i use every category of push, pull and single leg/core every day right?

Yeah that’s correct. They’re assistance lifts, and fall into that assistance category. It’s just a shorter way to say that.

You can structure your workouts any way you like. 531 has that flexibility. which is awesome.

I’m currently doing an upper/lower split for the most part, so my template is pretty similar to what you listed. I did the 3 categories prior. As long as you’re making smart programming choices both will work (weekly volume for example).

You do the reps from all three categories every workout. So say press, you’d do your press work and whatever reps of say:dips, chins, and DB squats (or ab work or something). Next workout: squat-do your squat work and the required reps of push ups, curls, and good mornings. Same type deal with the other workouts. You don’t view the main lifts as a push or a pull, they’re just you’re main lift.

You’re right: in the assistance exercises of 531, push and pull refer to upper body pushing and pulling exercises.