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Forever Alone

^^^How I’m destined to train.

So, quick summary of life:

I am taking genetics, biochemistry, biology of women, and organic evolution this semester. As always, it started out great in terms of training, until I found myself facing a midterm in all 4 classes next week. So I’ve been sitting on my ass trying to cram huge amounts of information in, getting up at 6am every morning, going to bed after midnight, and still feeling behind after all those hours. Did I mention that I’m working 10 hours a week in the lab and volunteering 1 hour a week with a horse program?

This same week, my training buddy started doing the “I’m feeling sick tonight” thing. In all fairness, he basically has the same workload as me. Additionally, he annoys me. He’s one of those jock-types that nearly shouts when he’s talking to you in a normal room and the way he has a regular conversation sounds like an interview: “How have you been?” “I’m okay” “FANTASTIC!” He’s also been raised very innocently Catholic and all conversations feel like a reiteration of something he’s heard his mom say.

Moving on. We started a food game that actually worked well for me and I’m going to continue it on here. The scoring system looks like this:

Workouts are worth 25pts
daily exercises are worth 5 pts
a healthy fat is worth 5pts
a lean protein source is worth 10pts
a non-processed carb source is worth 5pts
veggies are worth 5 pts

an unhealthy carb deducts 5pts, unless right after workout
an unhealthy meal (as in fast food) deducts 5pts

Tally each day and see how you do for the week. For me, trying to get a good score eliminates time and resources to eat poorly.

If anyone would like the try the point system themselves and compete with me, that would be awesome. Either way, I’ll be here playing with myself.

I have never had anything but disappointment in workout partners.

I believe this is a log?


so it’s pts per food type per meal?

My advice is find a good training partner and then marry him or chain him in your basement. That’s what did. Prior to that, it was a constant disappointment. I’d think I’d found someone and then it was a lunch bag let down.

Good luck with exams. Some things make me glad I’m 25 years out of university. This is one of them.

I’m looking forward to the colour you always bring with you :slight_smile:

By the way, I liked the start of the FB page. Keep us updated when new pictures are added.

I gave up with training partners on the regular. My best guy friend works out with me once or twice a week but we don’t stress getting together. If It works, it works otherwise we don’t stress it. Same with the mister.

You can move here and workout with me. Same with hallowed. Supa hot training trio!

Hallowed- You’re the first person! I’m honored :slight_smile:

2busy-yes. I’ll give examples the first couple times I post points (and you can laugh at me for today).

ouroboro_s- Noted. I need to get a basement :wink: Yes, it’s comforting to know that I’ll never have to waste time with this again in another 3 years (getting my masters degree directly after this).

Games are fun, I’ll play :slight_smile:

Workout partners suck as much as innocent Catholic boys.

I love my workout partner. We dont actually workout together, we just go to the gym together every morning at 5am as an accountability thing. If someone doesnt show up the other person gets 5 bucks. Amazing how you’ll climb out of bed at 430am just to keep you lunch money for the day! lol

Best of luck in school. That’s great!!!



Dasher- That would be amazing! Female workout partners! I’ve had two and they were as much disappointment as that guy. Plus they’d never lifted before so I was correcting form all over the place.

BBB- Making your workout partner pay you is such a good idea!

Hallowed-Aw you changed your picture back from the famous underwear :frowning: Those were awesome. You make this place so fun.

Serious business:

Spent all free time today in classes and making a HUGE study guide for genetics. For those who’ve never taken an upper-level science course, let me explain. They basically go over 1 chapter per day. The chapters are about 20 pages a piece of dry terminology that amounts to straight memorization… I’m actually getting bored just writing this. Nevermind.

Score for today:

breakfast: almonds +5
protein bars +10
energy drink -5
unhealthy meal-5
total: 5

lunch: taco salad in crunch deep fried shell thingy -5

Dinner- nuts and fish oil +5

exercises: No. I don’t exercise when I don’t sleep (2.5hrs last night): 0

Day total: 20

Time for bed.
Total for

Oh and homemade bloody mary with dinner. I normally would no count this as anything because I normally make them virgin and only have ~50calories total (10 g carbs).

Adjusted daily total: 15

Holy shit I’m tired. Can’t type and just tried to put the tomato juice in the cupboard.

Thanks for the example, Oleena.

My daughter is studying genetics right now.

I get to hear about that memorization work when I take her and her husband out for dinner, lol.

[quote]Oleena wrote:
Oh and homemade bloody mary with dinner. I normally would no count this as anything because I normally make them virgin and only have ~50calories total (10 g carbs).

Adjusted daily total: 15[/quote]

Hi Oleena

Do you have a special recipe for the bloody mary?

I also usually don’t wo if I haven’t slept either, and never had a wo partner. Oh well.

Here is a bird gif, I remember you having a bird avi when I first got here I think.

Always have trained alone too. Other people cramp my style!
Interested in your points system. Sounds like something that could work although the workout points don’t take into account intensity (unless you always work out at the same intensity?)

made this one just for you this morning.
PW and my other peeps in TN keep me in check and motivated.
And disturbed and godsmack keep me company on the gym.

As for your points system - I like it, but as I’m a fuckin rockstar I get 100pts just for getting out of bed each day :wink:

[quote]nlmain wrote:
As for your points system - I like it, but as I’m a fuckin rockstar I get 100pts just for getting out of bed each day :wink:


Oh sure, just have to bring out the big guns there, Frenchie, lol!

2busy- Lucky you :wink:

Charlie Horse- I love the bird-boobs! It’s the best of everything life has to offer :slight_smile: As for the blood mary recipe, I just pulled the first thing that came up on a google search a couple months ago and have been making it ever since. It’s simple and I’m not sure how good in comparison to what else is out there. If anyone else has a better one, please let me know. This one works well because it’s so easy:

1 cup tomato juice
4 tsp lemon juice (I use the bulk stuff from concentrate)
however much Tabasco sauce you want
liberal shaking of Worcestershire sauce
If you add alcohol, use 1-1.5 shots.

I put tequila in it last night and it was awesome. Normally it’s made with vodka.

Cal Jones- Great point about the intensity. My goal is to be as consistent in going to the gym as possible. Over time, I’ve come to realize that pushing myself 110% every time is not sustainable. I work out consistently for about a month and then start making excuses not to go. So now, I tell myself “this time I’m going to take it easy”. I actually end up taking it easy about 1 out of 5 workouts (once I get in the gym I get into it, but there are a few days, due to period or lack of sleep or eating where I’m just not 100%). However, lessening the intensity by just a little bit makes it more likely that I’ll go year round instead of for only part of the year and that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make. So for me, just going to the gym in workout clothes is worth 25pts.

nlmain- LOL. I’m going to dub your point system the Whose-Line-Is-It-Anyway Method.

BTw, I’m probably going to log food on here several times a day because it’s a good homework distraction and easier to remember than all at once.

1 cup egg whites +10
1 cup steamed broccoli from frozen +5
apple +5
nuts and fish oil +5
total: 25


I made plans THREE times last year to actually train with someone.

Guess how many people showed up?


Never again.

I train alone because other people don’t care about it as much as I do, and I’ll be damned if ima let myself get drained by some SLACKERS.

Anyway, cool lil log you’ve started here, FINALLY, ha.

Didn’t feel full after breakfast, so I studied, took a shower, then:

2scoops protein powder+1cup skim milk +10
string cheese+handful nuts +5
total: 15

[quote]Spock81 wrote:
I train alone because other people don’t care about it as much as I do, and I’ll be damned if ima let myself get drained by some SLACKERS.

I train alone. I have acquaintances at the gym I see. Everyone is off on their own routine.

The few couples I see/know there tend to do different routines and meet back up on the cardio machines when done.

I’m doing ok on the food score for today but I will probably ruin it here for the rest of the day.

Vacation time, lol

Oleena, I had a fun discussion with my daughter concerning genetic sequencing last time we got together. :slight_smile: