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Forever Alone


Anyone else think these are hilarious? Post 'em if you got 'em!


Where'd that come from? I mean, who drew it and for what purpose originally.

(Old Iron Dwarf is admittedly not up on all the stuff the cool kids are into)


LOL awesome, I have just received my aarp card, where is this from?


Capturing his pain for future generations.


Ink that was fucking great, ID and Matty go to the (de)motivational pictures thread, the forever alone are in there. They kind of grow on you.




Repost from TK Thread




THE ORIGINS of Forever Alone
As told in
Forever Alone







not forever alone, but hilarious nonetheless.


I have actually never laughed so much at the internet. Except maybe in the SRjoker "Traps" thread.


Now THAT was REAL comedy.


4chan called they want there meme back


You just called, you want your grammar back.


I go back and look at it all the time for a laugh! It never gets old. My dream would be for that thread to go on forever, but no one could take that much abuse. I thought it might for a while though!


Sauce, please.


trapple jacks lololol