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Forever Alone Involuntary Flash Mob


Has anyone seen this?


Not sure if it's funny or a bit of an arsehole thing to do??


Though I'm veering toward it being an arsehole thing to do.


Way too much work just to be an asshole.


I don't really see the humor in it at all. My guess would be that all of the people who set it up and tuned in enjoy limited success with women as well, and this makes them feel better about themselves because they can laugh at other guys instead of thinking about how they're no better.




I kind of chuckled.


Yeah, this was pretty much what I thought. I mean if you've got nothing better to do then tune into a webcam on a friday night, you probably shouldn't be laughing at people who are actually out there trying to get laid.


what a waste of time


That "flashmob" needs to be posted on failblog. lol


It also reminds these foreveralone slobs to go out and seek women like us normal people: In the real world.


That guy thought he was some sort of mad pimp of the internet dating world.


Who? the guy who got interviewed?


The people who set this up are truly forever alone.