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Forever 531 SST Question

I bought the forever 531 book. Just wondering why the simplest strength template supplemental lift is the same as the main lift? Compared to previous 5-3-1 books where it uses a different lift?


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I don’t think it makes a huge difference. I am of the opinion that a lift that helps improve the main lift is also fine to use. I have run this using behind the neck press following press, close grip BP following BP, squats following squats ( squathelp my squat), and SLDL following DL.
Those lifts work for me to help my main lift and add some variety.
The key is to establish a legitimate TM to use for the lift. That for me is a barbell lift. I work up to a hard but very doable 5. That’s my TM for the lift.

Ok. I think on Squat day I’ll keep the squat for supplemental too. I don’t like doing front squats for high reps, though to keep good position.

So something like this

Bench 531 PR
Incline SST

Squat 531 PR
Squat SST

Press 531 PR
Close Grip Bench SST

Deadlift 531 PR

All assistance is Push, Pull, single leg / core

That looks great.
Enjoy your training

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The one thing I would add, I would stay away from using DL for DL with SST. For me that’s a lot of volume. RDL is a solid choice in my opinion.