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Forever 531 3 Assistance Categories

If doing original 531 4 day template, do you still do the push, pull, single leg/core on all 4 days?

Or would you do push, pull assistance on bench press and military press days and single leg/ core on the Squat and deadlift days?

I had the same question a month or so ago. It’s a new way of looking at it, but yes you do push/pull/single leg-core every time you lift. I quickly got over the “overtraining” thought process. If push-ups from the day before have an impact on your bench the next day, you’re either doing too much, or you’re terribly out of shape. That was me…not so much now :slight_smile:

Edit: of course, the forever book will tell you how many reps and whatnot (BBB means you’ll minimize if not eliminate lower back work if I remember correctly), but in the end you just have to be smart about it. Don’t overthink it, put in the work, autoregulate every so often when rep speed starts to get impacted, etc etc. that’s my two cents at least. Take it with a grain of salt but I think that’s the consensus

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Thank you