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Forever 5/3/1 Log D. Craig

Testing lifts out this week rolling into training again finally, 3 weeks post bodybuilding show hormones seem to be back on track.

I don’t have the new Forever 5/3/1 book but I pre ordered it the first day it opened for sale. Planned to follow some of the new templates once I receive the book. Until then I’ll follow the original cycle.

Basically have the goal of keeping up with this journal for a whole year and lifting goals as followed.

Squat 600 (Raw)
Bench 405
Deadlift 800 (sumo)
OHP 225

Currently I’ve tested some lifts as of this week
(April 2017)
Squat 515lbs Raw
Deadlift 650lbs

Still working on Bench and OHP

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Welp tested the bench today hitting 320 for 2 singles, was testing close and wide grip completing reps both ways so pretty much I’ll play with both set ups.

Normally I’m a close grip bencher, but with the object of the game moving the most weight in the shortest distance might go wide…

Finally back at it.

Received the new book last week and began BBS this week really excited for it. If I’m doing anything wrong any advice is appreciated.

Day 1 Week 1 Phase 1 (May 1St 2017)
Box Jumps
Low bar squat
65% 295lbs 5x
75% 340lbs 5x
85% 385lbs 5x
10x5 Sumo Deads 60% (345lbs )
RDL 3x5-8 (275lbs) 8x, 8x, 8x
Leg Press 3x8-10 (360lbs) 10x, 10x, 10x
Standing Calves 4x10 (135lbs)
Leg Raise 4x10 (BW)

After reading again I think I have the assistance work wrong. It’s listed push/pull/single leg/core a workout with certain Rep ranges. I thought that meant for example bench day being a push day means doing just the push assistance work, but now I’m thinking it’s saying doing all 3 push/pull/core each workout if someone could clear that up I thank you.

Week 1 Day 2 Phase 1 (May 2nd 2017)
Med Ball Slams
Wide Grip Bench
65% 195lbs 5x
75% 225lbs 5x
85% 255lbs 5x
10x5 OHP 60% (95lbs)
5x5 Pull-Ups (BW) 5x,5x 5x,5x,5x,
5x5 Dips (45lbs) 5x,5x,5x,5x,5x
3x8-10 Hammer Curl (30lbs) 10x,10x,10x
3x8-10 V-Bar Pressdown (40lbs) 10x,10x,10x

Yes, there is a push, pull, and a single leg/core each day. Whether it’s an anchor, or a leader, rep range changes. But all workouts are essentially full body.

Thank you :+1: that clears things up and I’ll male some changes for next week.

(Week 3 5/3/1 BBS Cycle 1)
Box Jumps 10x
Low Bar Squat
75% 5x
85% 3x
95% 1+
Sumo Deadlift
10x5 80% 455lbs
V Bar Pull Up
Med Ball Push Ups

Calf Work

Finally getting into the groove of things with this program. Should be daily updates with videos no problem now

Med Ball Slams 10x

Wide Grip Bench
75% 5x
85% 3x
95% 1+ (285lbs)
10x5 80% (130lbs)
Wide Grip Pull Ups
Leg Raise

OHP needs big improvement . never have put focus into the press so I’d say it will shoot up pretty soon.

Side note 13 weeks out from a Powerlifting meet so it will be a good chance to use the 531 peaking

Long Jumps 10x

Conventional Deadlift
75% 5x
85% 3x
95% 1+ (475lbs 3x)
SSB Squat
10x5 80% (290lbs)
2 in Block SLD
Inverted Push Up

Calf work

Change of plans 22.5 Weeks out from a competition Oct 2017

Med Ball Slams 10x

75% 5x
85% 3x
95% 1+ (155lbs)
Incline Bench
10x5 (180lbs)
Pendley Row
Hammer Grip Pull Up
Handstand Holds
AB Rollout

Just curious …anybody mid/high bar squat more than they low bar?