Forest for the Trees?

Am I missing something?? It seems to me that it doesn’t really matter if Kerry is lying or was John Rambo in Vietnam… If after 20 years in public office the greatest qualification (and the centerpiece of his campaign) is that he spent four months overseas then he is just grasping. Has he not done anything worth talking about since he returned??

Actually Kerry has been a very busy guy since leaving the military. He has a 19 year Senate record to run on. The only problem is the record is far to liberal for the country to embrace. Therefore, Kerry will spend the next two months running away from his Senate record. What does that leave him to talk about? His war record!

By the way, the republicans are going to unleash a torrid advertising campaign which will talk all about Kerry’s 19 year liberal voting record.

Gee…I hope some of the liberals on this forum don’t cry foul when they see the adverstisements.

Sigh, wouldn’t it be nice if the commercials would present the truth for once though? Deceptive negative advertising sucks (from either side).

My point being, the truth will do Kerry in! He is far to liberal for America.

(I do agree in truth in advertising)