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Foreman grill substitute in the UK?

I live in the UK and can’t seem to track down anywhere that sells George Foreman grills intended for our 240V power sytem. Does anyone know where I can get one, or something similar? Thanks.

elda, sorry - I can’t help you, but would like to know myself. Also, does anybody know where bottled flax and/or fish oil concentrates (not cod liver oil) can be purchased in the UK as I can’t find them. Thanks, Jonathan.

I had the same problem as you, but then I found a near-enough identical product packaged as the ‘Breville Antony Worral Thompson Health Grill’. It’s available at Argos and many department stores.


Hope this helps.

You can pick up flax oil and fish oil capsules at Holland and Barrett - they also have their own version of Udo’s Own oil.

Thanks PJ! That’s just what I wanted :slight_smile: Jonathan - (if you’re in London) I buy my flax oil from Workout World near Embankment tube station.


Holland and Barret do a bottled flax, but quite a few of the stores don’t keep it in the fridge, so either go to a shop that keeps theres in the fridge or ask the shop when there next order is due and go in on the day and pcik it up so you can take it home and put in straight into fridge. I still find that local health food shops are best and the one near me sells UDO’s perfect blend (fuckin expensive though), if you live anywhere near leeds then I’ll give you the number.


Naive question maybe but what’s the deal with having to buy refrigerated Flax Oil? Does it effect the quality?

There are converters you can get that will let you plug things into different power systems. They’re mainly meant for hair dryers, etc. but I’m sure you could hook up a Foreman grill to one.

Thanks guys. I have seen flax and fish oil capsules at Holland and Barrett, but not bottled stuff. I’ll have a look at the one in Manchester (I live in Bolton) and see if they’ve got any. If not I’ll try and get them to order me some (flax that is). Any more ideas about bottled fish oil concentrate or Udo’s oil? Thanks, Jonathan

LMD, there’s a time delay on this so the above messages weren’t there when i wrote my reply.

any fats that sit on a shelf for any period of time at room temp will undergo some oxidative damage, flax is especially sensitive, that’s why it’s kept in brown glass bottles and should be refrigerated. otherwise it won’t be as “potent”.