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Foreign matter in my Tren

I know this is a stupid question…everyone will say “toss it”, but I’ll ask anyway. I ordered some tren that came in a sterilized lotion bottle. I heat the bottle in order to mix the tren back into solution, them dumped into an empty vial. I noticed that after I had filled the vial that there were 2 or 3 strands floating in the solution. I believe these strands are either cotten or plastic (I used a cotten swab soak in BA to clean the lip of the vial before I closed it, but there may have been some loose plastic on the container). Now of course my reaction is damn I have to throw away a lot of good tren (120 mls worth). Well, I was planning on baking the tren and adding 1% BA to sterilize, and since the stuff floating in it is far too big to be drawn into a syringe, anyone think it’ll be ok to use? The biggest concern is that the foriegn matter will shed pyrogens into the solution. Any ideas?

filter it.

toss it

You received your Tren in a plastic lotion bottle? Sterile or not, I think it’s crazy. All “medicinal” chemicals should come in a glass bottle, vial, or “container” of some sort.

If you want to chance it, filter it. In my opinion, the time you lose from the gym with a sickness or infection isn’t worth it just to keep 120ml of Tren. I say toss it.

Yeah I had no idea it was coming in that bottle. I’m tossing it, getting a well respected source to next-day me some sterile multi-use vials.

Get another sterile glass vile. Draw the sollution out of the present vile, and as P-dong said, refilter it as you put it in your new clean sterile vile. After this is done try a subcutaneous (an injection just into the skin layer) shot of just a small droplet of the sollution- just enough to make a small bubble in the skin. You can do this with an insulin syringe or a tuberculan syringe, don’t forget to swab the spot first with alchohol. Keep an eye on the spot you used for the next couple of days. If you get an infection/ adverse reaction, the gear is contaminated. If not it is good to go. If you do get an infection you can try baking the gear and then doing another test shot. If you still get a bad reaction, then you’ll have to toss it.
I test all my gear like this before I use it. It is just a safe a logical thing to do since a minor skin infection is much easier dealt with then an intramuscular abscess. P-22

thats nice advive prisoner! especially with the home brew tren.