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I’m interested in building up the size of my forearms. Has anyone tried Poliquin’s workouts posted in Issue 51?? Any other programs you know of, besides the “train them first” strategy??

I tried the program for one workout, just to see what it felt like. It tightened them up, I would suspect that it would help them grow some. Also, try hammer and reverse grip curls during your bicep training. Also, while I don’t train them very often as mine generally grow with my arms, whenever I do work them once or twice a year, I us off set DBs. I have some screw on screw types at home, and for reverse forearm curls I put 2.5 to 5 pounds extra on the “thumb side” of the DBs so that I get a more balanced contraction. I was going to make a masturbation joke, but I thought of too many, so I’ll let you insert you own.